Top 4 Traffic Sources To Get Clicks For Less Than 0.10 Cents

The key to making any business successful is customers. The idea here is to get as many people as possible through your door that BUY. More traffic, higher the chances that people would read your content, checkout your offerings and buy your products or services. What matters is how you utilize this data. From your incoming and exiting visitors you can learn what works and what doesn’t through various split tests.

While the idea seems simple, getting traffic directed to your website isn’t that easy– especially ‘targeted traffic’ that would have an interest in your niche.

SEO is considered the most reliable method of achieving a steady flow of traffic but since it’s tough, complex and takes time to bring results, paid advertising is a dependable option for securing quick and profitable traffic.

Let’s have a look at the most reliable advertising sources for beginners which can drive traffic to your websites at rates of less than 10 cents per person.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has emerged as a leading platform for advertisers who want exposure to more audiences through the well-managed Facebook ads.

  • The CPM rate of Facebook ads averages at around $1.
  • There are multiple targeting options that help narrow down the people who will be shown these ads.
  • The exposure would also help in making you popular on the platform itself.

Facebook is probably the cheapest of all traffic sources which send quality traffic to the advertiser’s desired destinations. For instance, with the current CPM rate, you can reach around 1000 people each day for around $1 (the minimum daily budget).

If the CTR even hovers around 2%, each click would cost only $0.05! Additionally, with targeting options that help you select your audience on the basis of their education, likes, workplace, gender, age etc, you can expect better results almost always.

The secret behind Facebook is getting high CTR. Higher your CTR less you”ll pay for traffic. No rocket science here.

Bing Ads

Bing has its own advertising scheme known as Bing Ads which helps drive traffic through the Bing and Yahoo! network.

  • Extremely less CPC as compared to Google AdWords.
  • Better click-through-rate as compared to Google AdWords.
  • Lesser competition for popular keywords.

Bing is underrated in my opinion and overlooked by many, Bing holds a combined search market share of just below 30% (i.e. Bing and Yahoo combined). However, the smaller market share makes Bing Ads a better choice, as the competition for advertising space is comparatively less here.

With lesser competition, lower investments can bring in more traffic and as a result, your CPA would be better as well. The average CPC of Bing Ads is around $0.4 but for long-tail keywords which are geo-targeted, the CPC lies around $0.10.

To get clicks for dirt cheap on Bing aim for a high quality score and use dynamic ads as much as you can.

Bing can’t match the sheer exposure promised by Google, but there is still a sizeable traffic which it can drive to your website.


7Search is another PPC ad network which can drive traffic to your website through ad placements.

  • An average CPC rate of $0.05 to $0.10.
  • Moderate quality traffic.

7Search isn’t as reliable as the first two options, but it can deliver good volumes of traffic.

The traffic quality would obviously not match that of Bing or Facebook, but if you would pay attention to the places from where people are getting redirected to your website and ban sources which you think look shady, you stand a good chance of putting 7Search to good use.

With CPC rates of less than $0.10 for high quality keywords, it’s a great place to start off with PPC and to build a strong mailing list. Once you have understood how PPC advertising works, you can obviously try your hand at better traffic sources.

Master 7search by filtering out the bad placements.

Get $50 right now from 7search for creating an account.


Clicksor isn’t one of the most popular paid advertising sources but it is cheap and dependable.

  • Four different advertising models with options of selecting CPM, CPV and CPC.
  • Average CPM of around $0.8.

Clicksor’s variety is its strong point. And the best part is you can select to pay the advertiser for each click (CPC), for thousand impressions (CPM) and for each view (CPV). With a CPM of around $0.8, even if your CTR is 1%, each click would only cost you $0.08. That’s really cheap, no?