The 7 Best Under Desk Foot Hammocks

Working long hours at a computer is tiring on your body. You can experience neck and backaches and sore and swollen feet from not maintaining a proper sitting position without the right posture. Ergonomics is essential for thriving at your desk for an eight hour day.

Many people use an under desk stool to make sure their feet aren’t flat on the ground and spaced away from their bodies. These are an okay option if you have the room. But they’re bulky, and you have to move them for cleaning.

If you work in an office, the cleaning staff won’t be happy about moving them regularly and may ask you to leave it on top of your desk at the end of the day. Also, they’re not very comfortable. Instead, they’re practical.

Choose an under desk foot hammock to get the best of both worlds.

  • Keep your feet off the ground without moving them frequently, and the added and often padded comfort.
  • The under desk foot hammock is an excellent option for kicking back and relaxing during your breaks for the bonus.

Quick Comparison: Top 7 Best Under Desk Foot Hammocks

Product Name Grade
Auoinge Desk Hammock with Headphone Holder ★★★★
Heel & Feet Hammock Footrest ★★★★
Livino Memory Foam Footrest Hammock ★★★★
Andyer Adjustable Height Footrest ★★★★
SHCAPENM Desk Foot Hammock ★★★★
West Bay Desk Foot Rest ★★★★
Maddott Office Foot Hammock ★★★★


1.    Auoinge Desk Hammock with Headphone Holder

Combining comfort while saving space is ideal for many office workers. You want to fit as much as possible without overcrowding. A footstool takes up a ton of room. The Auoinge Desk Hammock easily tucks away at the end of the day or when you’re not using it. Plus, you don’t need to remove it to keep it out of your way.

The desk hammock by Auoinge is portable. You can use it at the office and home and skip the need for two. It secures easily to the inside of your desk with bolts. The adjustable portion allows you to keep it low while working for proper ergonomics. You can raise the height to put your legs up and relax on your break or after work.

It’s made with premium breathable cotton with four layers to keep your feet cool and comfortable. It comes with an attached headphone holder to help you maintain a clean desk.

What we liked: The adjustable clamps keep the desk hammock secure, and it won’t wobble, making you feel uneasy when you put your feet up.

What we didn’t like: The material is thin and doesn’t have memory foam for extra comfort.

2.    Heel & Feet Hammock Footrest

Make your body happier by keeping your feet at an angle while working. The Heel & Feet Hammock is an excellent way to elevate your feet, and it fits under most desk styles. It’s made with memory foam padding and a removal support platform.

It’s easy to install. Attach the enclosed four heavy-duty adhesive hooks under your desk. Slip the durable rivets onto the hooks. Next, use the EZ snaps to adjust as necessary to fit your height. This foot hammock may work best for people who don’t have the option to drill into an office desk.

The hanging footrest is lightweight and comes with a storage bag. If you’re keeping it at the office, you can remove the hammock portion from the hooks and store it away in your desk drawer and keep it clean and out of the way while you’re not working.

What we liked: The memory foam padding makes it extraordinarily soft and comfortable.

What we didn’t like: The heavy-duty hooks make the installation easy, but it’s not as secure as other brands that use bolts.

3.    Livino Memory Foam Footrest Hammock

Support your lower back and legs while working to maintain proper ergonomics with the Livino memory foam footrest hammock. The brand offers a comfortable and durable hammock that supports one or both legs to prevent swelling and stiffness from sitting long hours at your desk. It has a memory foam pad for extra comfort. The footrest keeps your legs secure with locking straps and is easy to adjust to fit your height and needs.

Livino’s foot hammock is lightweight and fits easily into the enclosed carrying bag so you can store it when not in use. You can also use the hammock for car rides as a passenger and relax on your next airplane excursion.

What we liked: The memory foam and adjustable straps make it very comfortable for people of different heights.

What we didn’t like: Livino’s foot hammock doesn’t come with any way to secure it to your desk.

4.    Andyer Adjustable Height Footrest

The Andyer Adjustable Height Footrest allows you to put your feet up for your work lunch break. It also allows you to keep them properly positioned to avoid swelling and discomfort from long working hours at a computer. It’s sturdy, using three nails and two straps to improve stability.

The under desk foot hammock is lightweight. It’s designed for comfort with nylon, cotton, and memory foam to allow your feet to float under your desk.

What we liked: You can buy a two-pack at an affordable cost, which allows consumers to have one for work and another for traveling.

What we didn’t like: Although the Andyer is durable and strong, it’s not as large as other hammocks. This size issue may make it difficult for people with larger feet and legs to feel comfortable while using it.

5.    SHCAPENM Desk Foot Hammock

Do your feet, and legs get uncomfortable and even sore after a few hours of sitting at your desk? The SHCAPENM Desk Foot Hammock is ideal for relieving the pressure on your feet and reducing any swelling from staying in the same position for long periods.

It’s made with high-quality thick memory foam with a short, flannel fabric to protect your legs and keep them comfortable. The desk hammock is designed to work under desks. But it’s also ideal for traveling on airplanes and other modes of transportation where’ you’re not driving.

It has durable, adjustable straps to meet different height needs, including children working on school work at home. It comes with washable shoe covers to slide over your sneakers to prevent getting the hammock wet or dirty as a bonus.

What we liked: The SHCAPENM foot hammock’s premium memory foam makes it extremely comfortable.

What we didn’t like: Although it comes with shoe covers, it doesn’t include any hooks or bolts to connect it to your desk.

6. West Bay Desk Foot Rest

The West Bay Desk Foot Rest is an excellent option for keeping your feet elevated, reducing swelling, and preventing foot fatigue from spending several hours a day sitting. It also has a unique design compared to other desk hammocks. The latest upgrade adds more space for each foot by separating them with a second pair of straps in the middle. This change improves the comfort level by preventing overcrowding issues.

The lightweight material is soft and breathable, using memory foam and mesh. It’s portable, allowing consumers to use it at home, at the office, or during travels on planes, trains, and as a passenger while driving long distances.

What we liked: The design makes it easy to attach to most desk signs with a set of hooks.

What we didn’t like: The separate feet portions may make the foot hammock hard clean if you get it dirty with your shoes.

7.    Maddott Office Foot Hammock

The Maddott Office Foot Hammock is the most traditional-appearing design on our list. It looks exactly like a mini hammock with a board on each side to keep it open, rope secured through each piece of wood, and a stripped foot hammock. It also offers different colors so you can match the design to your office. Available options include black and white stripes, green, blue, and black.

What we liked: Not only is this design adorable, it includes two steel clips that are easy to secure it to your desk.

What we didn’t like: Unlike the other foot hammocks on our list, it doesn’t contain memory foam, which may reduce the comfort for some users.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Under Desk Foot Hammock

Type of Material

An important feature of any under desk foot hammock is the material. The product gets a ton of use, with many consumers plopping their feet in it for several hours, a few days per week. Look for durable linens that are also breathable. If you’re keeping your sneakers or shoes on, that’s not as much of an issue. But for people working from home, your feet can get very hot or sweaty with the wrong material.

Also, look for comfort. A thin layer of linen might not be as soft as the brands offering memory foam padding. Suppose the design allows you to remove the cover or separate it enough to wash. In that case, that may be a valuable feature to reduce replacing the hammock as it gets dirty from use.


The design is also an essential point to consider before buying. You want it to be large enough to support your feet and not cramp your legs. But you also need a foot hammock that’s small enough not to take up a ton of room under your desk.

Additionally, pay attention to how it connects to your desk. Foot hammocks that require you to use a bolt won’t work with particular metal or glass setups.

Adjustment Options

One-size-fits-all isn’t a good choice for foot hammocks. You need something that works for short, tall, and even growing children and teenagers for the most comfort. Also, pay attention to how much you can adjust it. Some offer ways to lengthen the straps but not enough to fit your size. These often will tell you the best height for their product.

Ease of Installation

You want a foot hammock that’s easy to install. Look for options with hooks that attach to your desk. If you have a thick, wooden work table, you can drill holes for an utterly secure design. However, always consider if it’s something you want to attach to your desk forever. To avoid drilling into a high-quality table, look for one with heavy-duty suction cups that fit on the inside but won’t leave permanent damage to your desk.

Care Instructions

You won’t find care instructions for every model. But you can increase the longevity of your foot hammock by choosing a washable material. Even if it’s only to hand clean and dry naturally, it’s still the better option to keep it looking and smelling great.

Final Thoughts

No matter which under desk foot hammock you choose, it’s an excellent, low-cost purchase. The footrest can reduce lower back and leg strain, prevent swelling, and help your body feel great, even after an eight-hour day sitting at your desk. Additionally, it’s much more economical to save money and space with a standard footstool that’s bulky and often an uncomfortable option than the under-desk foot hammock.

The best under desk foot hammock is different for each consumer. To make an informed decision, always read the full specifications before making a purchase.