How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that the affiliate marketer does not need any initial capital and can start earning money immediately. His best asset and success is his knowledge and implementation. The affiliate marketer can use his knowledge by offering solutions to the problems that plague the customer. If the information is worth more to the customer than his money, he follows the affiliate’s recommendation and buys the product. This creates a win-win situation for both sides.

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science

Affiliate marketing is quite simple once you understand it. Affiliate marketing is nothing else than that the affiliate = referrer finds access to the customer through different marketing channels. Affiliate marketing is in my opinion the easiest business. You don’t need any previous knowledge as an affiliate marketer. You can learn quickly, you don’t need a website, no email list and no startup capital. With a little effort, diligence and perseverance you can earn your first money as an affiliate marketer today or in the next few days.


Affiliate marketers who are successful often use a Youtube channel. On your Youtube channel you can explain the advantages and disadvantages of a product in a video. As an affiliate marketer you should know the product and have tested it. Many affiliate marketers claim to know a product only to sell it. If you as an affiliate marketer know the product you come across more credible to the customer and he is more likely to buy the product. You can be on camera as well as record a powerpoint presentation on your screen. Your Youtube channel and your Youtube videos should be properly optimized for the keywords of your niche so that you get the right and appropriate visitors. This way you increase the chances of earning more money.

Facebook Groups

Even if the facebook groups are very crowded, you can quickly land your first coup with a new product in the money-making area. While in the other groups often advertising is not seen with pleasure is in the money earning groups gladly seen. To do this, you register in the facebook money making groups and post an interesting picture with the request for more information. Earlier you could post links allerding now facebook restricts your range then. Post therefore rather articles, questions, polls or suitable images and provide for interaction. This way you gain reach and get your first sales faster.

Start a niche site

A niche site is a website or blog about a specific topic. If you don’t want to buy a niche site to save yourself startup money, you can invest your time and easily create one yourself. This way you invest in your future in the long run.

We ourselves have niche sites that we set up 5 years ago. And they still bring us regular income of several hundred dollars a month. Without us having to provide great new content for it.

What you have to do

What do you need to do? Basically, you need a hoster to manage your website. We use AnzeigeAll Inkl for this. Free of charge, because you want to save the startup capital, it goes for example with We recommend you to make it reasonable, because you have to count with ads and no “nice” domain. But in principle it is also possible to create a niche site without starting capital. After that you have to take care of the content for your topic. So posts that are relevant to your topic.

No matter if gardening, board games or fitness exercises.

It makes sense to search for keywords (i.e. search terms) that are used for your topic and to research them. Based on this, you can then create suitable articles.


One tool you can use to do this (limited) for free is Ubersuggest. Here you can find a set of keywords for which you can create articles. Once these posts are set up and you can earn money through various monetization opportunities (such as affiliate), all you need is visitors to your niche site.

You will get these from Google if you have written posts on keywords with high search volume and provide such added value that will cause Google to list your posts high up in the search results. Since this is not so easy, we recommend that you educate yourself in this area.