Best High-Paying Affiliate Programs

Not only the amount, but also the type of commission varies depending on the individual affiliate program.

With cost-per-click (CPC), the publisher receives a fixed payment for each click users make on the merchant’s website. The merchant bears the risk of whether the forwarded visitors actually result in leads or sales.

Cost-per-lead, on the other hand, is a payment model in which the publisher is only remunerated if the users perform certain target actions, such as providing their personal data and thus making it usable for the merchant.

In the cost-per-sale model, the publisher bears the greatest risk: he is only paid for advertising if sales actually occur on the merchant’s pages.

The “lifetime commission” form of payment is also popular: here, the publisher receives payments at regular intervals. Similar to the CPS model, a payment is made the first time the referred customer makes a purchase. However, if subsequent purchases are made, the publisher profits again – and for as long as the referred customer continues to generate sales.


Commission (cost-per-sale): Up to $1000 per product
Cookie lifetime: 90 days
HubSpot aims to help businesses get better and grow. The easy-to-maintain, all-in-one marketing, sales, and customer service software is already helping thousands of companies deliver the best possible customer experience to their customers. In HubSpot’s own partner program, the commission level is based on the product category.
The gradations here are:
– Starter: 250 euros
– Professional: 500 euros and
– Enterprise: 1,000 euros.
Depending on what and how much your recruited customer buys, the amount of your commission is determined. Accordingly, it’s well within the realm of possibility to earn $3000 from a single customer, provided they purchase the entire HubSpot Suite.


Commission (Lifetime): 20 percent
Cookie lifetime: 60 days
The marketing tool XOVI already helps more than 3,000 customers implement and optimize online marketing measures. The provider offers attractive compensation: for each referral, publishers in the lifetime version are paid a monthly commission of 20 percent per customer.

Commission (cost-per-sale): up to 40 percent or 50 euros for bookings
Cookie lifetime: On-session tracking using your own affiliate ID.
Affiliate programs are also used in the travel industry: The global market leader for digital accommodation booking offers an affiliate program. Publishers can choose between two remuneration models here.
The customizability of the offer is also evident elsewhere: affiliate partners can choose for themselves which accommodations they would like to advertise.


Commission (cost-per-sale): 20 percent
Cookie lifetime: 30 days
The digital stock photo and video library Shutterstock makes collaboration attractive to publishers primarily because of the high sales volume and average order value on the platform. Shutterstock’s affiliate program also impresses with a user-friendly API and a large selection of banners.


Commission (cost-per-sale + lifetime): Up to $500 + 10 percent monthly
Cookie lifetime: 60 days
The fast and secure managed WordPress hosting provider Kinsta takes care of all sorts of customer needs related to WordPress websites. Cooperate with Kinsta and you, as a publisher, will receive a profit share of $50 up to $500, depending on the rate at which you have attracted new customers. On top of that, you can expect a recurring monthly payment of 10 percent as long as the customers stay.


Commission (Lifetime): 40 percent
Cookie lifetime: 10 years
SEMRush’s affiliate program is called BeRush and advertises a 40 percent recurring commission. The SaaS company specializes in SEO and competitive analysis tools for the digital marketing space.
Particularly noteworthy about this affiliate program is the generous cookie lifespan: for a full ten years, they will remain with you. Moreover, the strong tracking can even track if a user you recruited cancels his subscription and returns within a decade. In this case, you will receive your commission again.

ConversionBoosting ANALYZE

Commission (cost-per-sale): Up to 25%; Lifetime: 10%.
Cookie lifetime: 30 days
ConversionBoosting enables a comprehensive analysis of websites, landing pages as well as online stores and can thus make recommendations for action to increase conversion. Publishers receive cost-per-sale compensation for sale eLearning courses as well as a lifetime compensation of 10 percent for successful referrals to the ANALYZE platform.


Commission (cost-per-lead): $100 per premium customer.
Cookie lifetime: 30 days
The Wix website builder allows easy creation and management of web projects. Special conditions apply to affiliates: Three deals should be arranged by the publisher every month. The more productive you are at it, the more you earn – Wix advertises unlimited payouts.


Paxful is a crypto marketplace where you can trade your currency with other people. What Paxful offers its affiliates is the ability to build their own affiliate network. They earn a recurring fee for invited people (50%) and a smaller fee for invited people (10%). Note that this percentage comes only from escrow fees, but on the other hand, they are valid for life.


It offers different commission rates from 10 – 40% of their fees (which vary, but usually around 1.5%). The good news is that these fees are recurring. Moreover, CoinMetro holds a prize pool raffle of 2% of all earnings of all affiliates and every month one lucky affiliate gets the pool.

It allows you to earn a steady commission of 10% for each referred subscription. This is a recurring commission that you will receive as long as the referred user pays for their account. For signals, there is a 15% commission rate.


Similar to number 3 on our list, you will receive a 10% commission for all referred sales. The lower point is due to the lack of another threshold, as in the case of signals with CryptoHopper.


Coinbase gives its affiliates 50% of the fees of referred users. The fees vary, but they fluctuate around 1.5%. The only problem is that you get this commission only for the first 3 months. This is a big disadvantage compared to other higher ranked platforms.

Cupid media.

Not the winner you expected, right? They are not a well-known brand like their lower ranked competitors. But they operate many niche dating services, which makes them a better choice than mainstream dating programs. Both commission and cookie lifetime are above average in this industry.

People media.

The close runner-up. What prevented first place was a slightly lower commission rate (50% to 75%). Like its successful competitor, People Media also operates niche dating services.

The first big name on this list. It has the same commission rate as number two, but the cookie life is much shorter (1 day on desktop, 30 days on mobile).


The second widely recognized brand. Their commission rate of 20% is modest, but the cookie lifetime of 45 days can be some consolation.


A difficult niche to serve, but this can be beneficial if you feel confident enough. They use a fixed commission of $7, but it is rewarded when a personality test is completed, not when a sale is made. So the conversion rates should be higher. You can find this program on CJ Affiliate.

WP Engine.

As with all programs in this industry, the commission is fixed for each subscription plan they have. The minimum payout value of $200 is nothing compared to the incredible $7,500. The cookie lifetime of half a year is very good and the brand is recognizable.

Liquid web.

It has slightly worse terms than the winner (still quite impressive $150 – $3,000), but it is still a very good and popular affiliate program.


Another solid affiliate program with a much more modest commission ($50), but a very long cookie life.


The fourth and fifth place should be shared ex aequo between Siteground and Kinsta affiliate programs. The thing that elevated Siteground a bit higher is customer-friendly weekly payouts.


Last but not least, but not first. Same commission ($50) and cookie lifetime (60 days) as Siteground, but you have to wait a whole month to get your payout.


Sometimes the best known are the best, and that’s the case with Coursera. The average commission rate of 32.5% is the best in the industry and the cookie life is a reasonable 30 days. They don’t have as many courses as Udemy, but I’ll stick with a more generous commission structure.


The online platform with the most courses available. Too bad they couldn’t beat Coursera’s commission. 20% is still ok though.


The skill learning platform with fixed commissions, 10 USD per enrollment. It doesn’t sound like much, but the large number of courses makes it easy to advertise.

Formerly known as Jam, this platform offers courses for kids. It’s a smaller market than Coursera, for example, but also a less explored one. You get $5 for each enrollment.


This platform is actually aimed at teachers. If you are comfortable with this market, you will get 30% commission for each enrollment within 90 days.


If you are a gamer, there is not much to say. The company that stands for gaming accessories and equipment. For every purchase you make, you get a 5% commission. And these gaming products are not cheap. It’s a 5% piece of a big pie.


Known mainly for making gaming mice and keyboards, but they can do much more. Logitech is more of a mainstream company than a specialized Razer, which should make it easier to promote their offering. Their commission rate is only one percent lower than Razer’s.


Part of the Dell empire, this company specializes in making gamer-oriented laptops. Very, very expensive laptops. 4% of the $3,000 is worth the effort. You can find this program on CJ Affiliate.


If you’ve never heard of Nvidia, you must be a muggle. Or a console gamer. They are willing to share 2% of their revenue with you for a sale. The 90-day cookie lifetime leaves plenty of room to strike a deal.


Their gaming affiliate program offers similar terms to Nvidia’s, but a shorter cookie lifetime (60 days). But everyone knows the brand for sure.


A project management and team collaboration tool offers great terms for their partners. Their commission is solid and regular (50% for first purchase, 20% for recurring purchase). The 90-day cookie life, support and training for all new affiliates make it a remarkable program to try.


It is a social media channel management platform that offers over 100,000 post templates. The average commission rate is 25% and they claim that affiliates usually reach between $40 and $1500 per month.


The well-known marketing solution for all instragramers out there offers a recurring commission of 40-60% (the final value depends on the sales for a given month), paid throughout the duration of the referred membership.


This Instagram-focused marketing platform offers a 50% commission on their sales for the first 6 months of membership.

4K Video Downloader.

This simple tool suggests simple terms. You get 50% of the platform’s revenue. Suggest a more expensive solution, you get more money. It’s that simple.