6 Top Facebook Marketing Strategies

Let’s go over 6 personal top Facebook marketing strategies.

Drive targeted Likes to your page

What you”ll want to do is build your fan page by having relevant users with a similar interest like your page. With this powerful technique in hand you can now sell to your “likers” and keep on doing it as well.


Great! You’ve invested time and capital to build an audience. Focus on delivering content that is virally engaging. In other words post content that will make your users want to share your page. This builds authority and trust for your facebook page.

Here’s a strategy that’s been working for me. Take your most effective posts which can be measure by comments and likes and promote those to people who like your page friends. No sense in promoting to people who already like the page its a bit redundant. This has been by far one of the greatest ways to grow a page. Literally taking me from thousands to hundreds of thousands of likes within weeks.

Cool, so we now have an audience. What you”ll want to do is mix offers in-between your posts. Running to many offers you’ll likely come off spammy and lose your audience.


Advertorials are the strongest marketing tactic since the dawn of advertising. So what are advertorials? Advertorials is content in the form of an ad. For example an article on how to make money working from home following up with a call to action prompting the user to sign up for an easy step by step guide on how to get started. Make sure advertorials are compliant. Disclose it’s an advertisement numerous places on that article and don’t promote things that aren’t true such as fake testimonials and claims.


Wait we’re not done yet. To maximize your revenue what you”ll want to do is implement a facebook remarketing pixel on your landing page to follow users around facebook after exiting your page. The benefit of this is that lost visitor you now have a second chance to send them down the lead funnel. Read more on retargeting here.

These are my 6 favorite facebook marketing strategies that have allowed me to enjoy a comfortable income online.