I am Todd Dawson.

I was burnt out.

Done and done.

At the beginning I enjoyed my job as a (full-time) Software Engineer and Online Marketer at a respected agency. But as time went by, overtime, impossible deadlines and pressure from customers, employees and superiors ate me up.

I was no longer able to concentrate properly at work. Suffered from lack of sleep.

I began to wonder if there wasn something better.

And I researched how to make money online. I experimented with blogs and niches. My first blog failed miserably. Several niche sites have not been successful either.

But I did not give up.

I started to work more and more with SEO and became really good at it.

Within a few months I was able to live on my affiliate income and quit my job.

I can freely allocate my time and tasks.
I can work anywhere in the world (I only need my laptops and a stable Internet connection).
I have not set my alarm clocks for several years
I have a lot of time for my family (I both work only about 20 hours a week)
I could even stop working for two months without earning less (but I would never do that because I love my work too much)