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Possibility of advertising accompanying banners; Can set advertisements to run only on YouTube; Target:. A key step for success in YouTube advertising is creating an ad with the right YouTube ad specifications. Except you suggest that we can't create rich media banner ads in Animate?

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Use YouTube Advertising Format - YouTube Help

If you have enabled monetisation, there are several kinds of advertisements that can appear next to your movies. Skipable movie displays allow the viewer to jump over displays after 5 seconds if they wish. Insert before, during or after the primary movie. Activating this setting may display a combined jump and jump display that plays back from rear to rear.

Desktops, mobiles, TV and games consolesPlays in the videoplayer. Non-skipable videos must be view before your videos can be displayed. Those displays may appear before, during or after the primary movie. Played in the videoplayer. Non-skipable up to 6 second videos that must be seen before your movie can be displayed.

Activating this setting may cause a skip and rear fender indicator combo to be displayed, which is played back from rear to rear. Affiliated maps show contents that may be of relevance to your videotape, such as items shown in the slideshow. The spectators see a map for a few seconds.

You can also click on the symbol in the upper right hand part of the videos to search the maps.

what is the best way to place youtube banner advertising?

Advertisements appear in high-quality affiliate streamed and consumer videos on YouTube or the Google Display Network. The overlays are available in two versions: a fixed picture and an active Flash one. Stable picture is available through a viewing categorie in the ad galleries. Flash Overbody is available to a restricted number of marketers.

Advertisements are displayed in an on-line streaming movie depending on when the movie publishers starts to display the ad. Display will appear within the lower 20% of the playback area of the streaming movie. In this area, only one ad per streaming is displayed. Advertisements are collapsable so that a viewers can show or hide the ad while viewing the film.

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