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Consequently, companion banners are not always displayed. YouTube banner advertising on Google AdWords is something I like to publish. When I create a display network campaign, add as the only placement, set targeting, create new image ads. Ads YouTube display advertising non-skipable display.

In their banner competition, Lover in Law chose a winning design.

In-Video Overlay Displays - Help on Display Specifications

Please be aware that in-video overlay is available only for reservations sponsoring campaign. Adwords no longer offers in-video superlays, but you can configure picture displays to appear as an overload on YouTube clock pages. For more information on Chrome Plugin Power Saver function, Flash format is no longer acceptable for in-video overhead ads; only picture format is currently used.

They are 480x70 picture ads that appear superimposed at the bottom of the YouTube videoplayer on the YouTube clock pages. More than one screen is displayed when the camera is in the playback mode. As an option, you can integrate a 300x250 accompanying advertisement. Please be aware that in-video overlays are available only for reservations sponsoring campaign.

Image Ads can be configured to appear as an overlaid on YouTube clock pages during an auction. For more information on Image Overbody ads, click here. *As an option, you can add a 300x250 accompanying number. Failure to provide a palyer screen means that no creatively designed ad by another advertisers will appear alongside your own inlay.

The 300x250 companions can be operated either on site or by third parties. If YouTube receives your funds at least four workingdays before the campaign starts, they will be sent via your Account Manager. It cannot be operated by third parties. Enable third-party track pixels. Make sure you have a strong call to actions on the overlays (e.g., to view accompanying footage or interactively display ads).

Though YouTube is conscious of the problems with ad placement with some attendant devices (300x250s & 300x60s), this is the way VAST is required and provided by the IMA SDK. Consequently, Accompanying Banner will not always be displayed. In AdWords display campaign generated images can appear as overlay on YouTube video.

To use an imagery ad as an overlaid, go to the Display Network tabs and include in the placement. Advertisements provided by third parties do not appear as superimposed images on movies because they are categorized as HTML5 creative. Fixed picture superimposition is displayed at the bottom of the movie.

Advertisements must occupy the full area of the selected picture format and must not be placed on their sides or on their heads.

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