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Phonebook or Yellow Pages sizes may vary depending on the population of the city where the book is located. Telephone Book Info - Local Search - Yellow Pages Advertising - Sitemap Terms & Conditions About us Contact us. Digital Market Standout with Yellow Online Advertising. Advertising in directories is an important part of marketing. Promote your business in the printed Yellow Pages to reach more consumers cost-effectively.

There are 11 good reason why your company should NOT advertise with Yellow Pages

I think the following statements/questions are quite emblematic of the debates that are taking place among tens of millions of small companies across the nation trying to make good use of their advertising money. So, in an attempt to stop more trade proprietors from using their hard-earned dollars on dead-end advertising, here are 11 of YOUR most interesting questions/thoughts (only accurate quest phrases have been used), and my answers:

{\pos (192,210)}Why so costly to place Verizon Yellow Pages advertisements in your favorites? Once the Yellow Pages of Verizon were the wicked realm of the advertising industry. Among small companies, they succeeded in establishing a precedent wherever their small yellow pages were a guide to everyday and corporate achievements.

In addition, they set up price patterns that made it very hard for shopkeepers to reduce their advertisements when they found that the price was too high. This led to a financial crippling circle for many entrepreneurs. Fortunately for everyone though, this little thing named "The Internet" was made up and companies far and wide acclaimed inexpensive advertising and networking that actually worked..........

Shall I buy Yellow Pages? The list of your name, your number and your domainname is ok. In addition, however, you will be paying ludicrous monetary sums that could be better spend elsewhere. What is the death of Yellow Pages albums? Indeed, I recently written an essay about it in which I explained that the Yellow Pages advertising format just doesn't suit the head of today's consumers.

So why should large corporations put yellow pages in their advertising? Since large corporations are known to spend tens of millions on free advertising, and when they do, there is no better way than with the Yellow Pages. But seriously, if a large corporation is still strongly invested in Yellow Pages that are advertising in this modern world, then they will probably have to fire their chief marketer.

To waste a lifetime without cash is unbearable. Ever since my business ceased advertising in the Yellow Pages last year (excluding our name, number and website), we've been saving an estimated $2,000 a monthly number. That' s why I am always horrified when companies quack about spend less than $10,000 a year on a leading edge generating engine and content management system like Hubspot, when they basically burn cash in a bonfire with the insane sums they pay for advertising campaigning.

Ow, okay, maybe that's not the best analogue, but the notion that a business has to be in the Yellow Pages to be a success is completely outlandish. Yes, there are some places where telephone directory listing is still very advantageous, like pickle suppliers, but even they now see more and more of their telephone conversations and orders being placed on-line.

Small-sized companies do NOT have to be in the Yellow Pages. Don't spend your cash on Yellow Pages advertising. Do I have to publish my Yellow Pages ad? Instead, he pays for words on a yellow piece of stationery that clients send to the incorrect adress.

So why shouldn't a company buy a classified ad? Most of the consumer in our nation will not even break the 2010 edition. If I can't afford my Yellow Pages ad, what happens? Ask/comments about Yellow Page advertising?

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