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We' ve rated the wp-affiliate platform as insecure, which means that all versions of the plugin have vulnerabilities. Participate in our affiliate program and earn money for every sale you send us! Participate in our affiliate program and start raising money for your favorite charity for every new member you send us! Participate in our affiliate program and earn money for every sale you send us! Participate in our affiliate program and earn money for every sale you send us!

Affiliate Manager vs. Affiliate Platform

More and more WordPress customers are attracted to affiliate merchandising by the flexible nature of e-commerce. However, selecting the right affiliate plug-in for your website can sometimes be a challenging job. Here we take a look at the two best affiliate manager plug-ins for WordPress - Affiliates Manager and WP Affiliate Platform.

Affiliate manager and affiliate platform both have some strong functions that set them apart from other affiliate plug-ins. They' re simple to set up, simple to use and, most importantly, integrated with the most important e-commerce and member plug-ins. Beforehand we come to the table of comparisons, let's take a look at some of the concepts used in an affiliate managements plug-in.

The Affiliate dashboard is a specific page that is displayed when an affiliate signs up to your site. Allows an affiliate to review their revenue, pending commissions, recommendation links, etc. If a partner request is filed, you can approve/reject it by hand. In this way, you can manage who can register for your affiliate programme.

Affiliate links are specific links that an affiliate links to its website in order to advertise outside items. Each time a visitor hits this button and buys something from the merchant's website, the advertiser (the affiliate who sent that visitor via the link) receives a percent fee as comission. The PayPal bulk payment is the main payment option in both plugs.

Affiliates Manager also provides hand payment as well. They are both backed by the developer community. Because the affiliate platform will require a buy for plug-in use, maintenance is covered by this buy through a custom forums. When you need more help configuring this plug-in, you will find a step-by-step guide on the document page.

Affiliate managers as well as affiliate platform are both grow in the WordPress alcove. Affiliates Manager's kernel plug-in is available for downloading from the WordPress.org plug-in repository. The affiliate platform has a one-time small buying charge, but almost all its enhancements are free. It has already achieved great plausibility as one of the first affiliate WordPress plugs.

This has more functions than any other affiliate plug-in (compared to the price) and they are all supplied with the plug-in. The affiliate platform could still be a good option, even though it is a premier plug-in.

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