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I have stuffed many envelopes while doing various office work, and that was NEVER outsourced to individuals. Somehow for some reason I get a real kick out from investigating the work from home. Filling envelopes from home in the UK is now a known scam. Looking for work from home filling envelopes jobs in Illinois. Payout from a British investor.

Inserting fillings - real and authentic work from home

First - there are much simpler and better paid ways to make home income than envelopes! Find out more about envelopes and filling fraud below or visit our free Top 100 home earning opportunities. Filling envelopes may once have been considered a real way to make additional income when working from home.

However, in the last fifty years, the mass dispatch of direct mail has been fully automized, with ingenious machines capable of printing, folding and inserting envelopes and mailings into envelopes. Today, nobody has to hire more staff to pack and ship envelopes from home - machines are much faster and less expensive. Today, PCs and printer are inexpensive to buy, and the demand that someone should be seated and painstakingly folding or handwriting envelopes and tags is practically zero.

State-of-the-art computer-controlled machines now do the enveloping work much faster and more cheaply than human beings (including those from Third World countries who are willing to work below the required wages). It is no longer necessary for home users to fill a few hundred envelopes per night by hand when a single press can fill several hundred thousand envelopes in the same time.

It' s simply no longer possible to hire someone to hand-pack envelopes from home. Filling envelopes from home in the UK is now a known fraud. The " possibilities " for inserting fillings are aimed at endangered, handicapped, home-bound and jobless people. Do you make money by filling out envelopes - Too good to be real?

Nearly all ads for Kuvert filling job are scams! A lot of them are looking for flexibility in the work they can do at home, and there are always plenty of ads for envelopes. Actually, it's no longer a good way to make cash when you work filling household envelopes - machines do the work much more cheaply than you could from home.

Unfortunately, envelop fill indicators are now almost all fraudulent - only there to separate you from your hard-earned monies by asking you for a pre-registration charge. This is usually the only point where you earn when you fill envelopes - and it's not what you earn! Typically an ad might ask you to pay a 20 to 50 pound enrollment charge or raise funds for a Package of Commerce or Starters.

Advertisements usually advertise high earnings positions (typically several hundred per day) for minimal envelope or folded envelope loading, with no knowledge requirements. As soon as you have sent your "investment", you will either not get anything or you will get a mail explaining how you can make a living by convincing other users to do exactly what you have done, i.e. advertise to get new casualties to react to your advertisements.

It' s like a mail with empty job pledges - there is no "work" except maintaining the fraud by getting other folks to register and pay you. A number of envelop filling fraudsters will follow a two-step strategy where the first information is free. You will usually be guaranteed to make cash with envelopes or receive a reimbursement, but in reality this almost never happens.

As soon as you have sent cash, there is practically no way you can get it back - the advertisers will either disregard your enquiries and not respond to your e-mails and phone conversations, or they will point out what part of the small text says you can't get a reimbursement because "the revenue is not guaranteed" or whatever.

It is always a high requirement for work that can be done at home, so fraudsters only have to persuade a small part of their audiences to spend on this " gold fill, fold or address " option, and they can make a good return. Encashment fraud has been working for years and has made the leap from the newspaper's classified advertisements and poster to the web, where it can still disconnect the careless from its hard-earned moneys!

Unfortunately, the fraud will go on like doubtful house meetings and piece work as long as there are those who are desperately looking for cash, looking for untrained work to do at home. Fraud is aimed at those in need of protection, such as the jobless, the ill, mothers and pensioners or domestic workers, who have light goals because they often seek active ways to raise their incomes.

Ask yourself always what the advertisers have to win if they take the effort to do this kind of work - if it was so well remunerated, they would do it themselves or send minimal salaries to a camp full of them. At the end of the day it is only the advertisers who earn cash - your advance payment is the response to their promoted "secret of success" with envelopes.

It is always the exemption that confirms the rules, and some small and medium-sized companies may still have a need for real hand bagging and labeling work. Also, some graphics designers, marketers and other companies sometimes need users to package special mailings that are not suited for machining by hand.

Traditional envelopes can be filled in the shape of home packaging of greetings card, specific invitation and promotional activities. Often enough, readers still open a handwritten cover while throwing everything that looks like an advertisement or promotional mailing into the trash; so there is still a small corner store for inserting machines.

It is important to stress that, in fact, there is a very restricted legal labour force for envelopes to be filled from home. Though it won't make you wealthy over night, it can earn you a little more cash and it's true work you can do from home. Never mind the tempting ads that promise a lot of cash for enveloping - they are almost always a scam to separate you from your cash.

In essence, with the exceptions of the special mailings described above, such as complimentaries, there is no simple way to earn cash by filling envelopes from home. Follow our suggestion and don't give away cash to someone who says otherwise - if someone asks you in advance for cash for a vacancy, it's practically a trick!

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