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You have your own website, which is here especially for Wix-Partner: Wix Affiliate Program is a wonderful way to earn money and promote the powerful Wix platform. This allows you to create, track and optimize your affiliate marketing programs. Turn-key Affiliate Software Plugin for Wix. Has anyone here experience running an affiliate website created on WIX?

This is how to set up a Wix affiliate program.

If you set up an affiliate program for your Wix online shop, you can pay your partners a set amount of cash for each advertised purchase, a free gifts such as an Amazon free gifts or any other gifts. In order to award your affiliate a percent of the order amount, you must include the Ecwid Store App in your Wix Accounts and at least update to the Ecwid store's root level and adhere to our Wix Ecwid Store App instructions.

Step 3: Complete the program as shown below and choose whether you want to award your partners with a set amount or anything other than that. STEP 4: Include your Hosting PageURL or select the coupon page options and click the finish button to finalize your program preferences. Step 5: Now that you've set up your Wix Shop recommendation program, you'll need to enter our Wix Shop Sale Track and Trace program on your Wix Shop Thank you page.

In your Wix-Site Editor, click Pages and go to Store Pages and click Store Pages. STAGE 6. Choose 7 "Thank you" from the memory page listing, choose the plus icon in the right hand broadget menu, browse down to click More, and then click the HTML code utility.

STAGE 8. Dragging the HTML source to the Thank You page. STAGE 9. Please click on the "Enter code" link to insert our below mentioned number. Step 10: Adds our Wix Business Track and Trace software shown below. Now you are poised to begin track and trace your brokered Wix Online Store purchases.

One big company devouring partners -

So if you followed me on Twitter, you might have seen me fighting with Website-Builder Wix this time. I' d like to elaborate on what really went on, because I don't think there are enough guys who emphasize how bad corporate affilates treat. I' ve recently pointed out how Sky Betting has just shut down its affiliate program without notice.

I' ve also talked about how businesses are changing their affiliate program without telling the partners and how big a deal a broken affiliate link can be. Recently I signed in to my Wix Affiliate login and found that my user name and my login information were not recognized and that my e-mail didn't seem to be in the third system.

Looking back at my Gmail e-mail to confirm that all my data was accurate. That they still had an affiliate log-in page indicated that either my affiliate page had been cancelled or they had modified their affiliate program. Second, because I have connected with Wix many a time in article and payed another author a few hundred bucks to do a Wix check to increase your affiliate program visitor rate.

Although I spent my free and paid hours advertising Wix, I would never have anything to show if I didn't have an affiliate bankroll. All they do is offer me tickets ystem and without an email in my name I would have to log in with a completely new email just to talk to someone.

Instead, I turned to Tweeting. This is a good way to get the focus of a business that's bullied you because they realize that your feedback looks really sour. So when I post a teet that said how low Wix's level of help was, they quickly replied that they wanted to help and made me report their WixHelp account to twitter.

That was the beginning of Wix who sent me around in a circle. The WixHelp Twitter accounts are registered as desired and I explain the issue. And then I said they should actually be reading my note and they gave my tickets to another group. In 2014 you seem to have registered for the affiliate program, but we have modified the platforms we work with.

To enroll in the affiliate program, you must re-enroll in the new site. Please click here for general information about the program. Now I had confirmed that Wix had totally modified its affiliate program architecture. That means I sent many years of traffics to Wix and got nothing for it.

Kevin, my name is Yael, and I'm an affiliate executive at wix. Two years ago we closed our old affiliate program and opened a new one. In return, all partners got an e-mail and an invention to join our new partner program. We also volunteered to spend an additional year for the old program as well.

In October 2014 I registered as an affiliate for Wix, so it is no wonder that there is no action displayed on the old one. Until their affiliate program is shut down, and until my Wix reviews are actually subscribed and ordered, the program may have been shut down.

Again I scanned my Gmail and saw no mail from Wix about shutting down the old program. Your answer was brief and concise: "Hey, since I mentioned that the old affiliate program is nearby, I can't give you one. I also corresponded with Wix about Twitter during these e-mails.

When Yael told me that they would not help me, I told the Twitter helpers that they would not help. My advice was that the affiliate staff didn't help and the WixHelp Twitter user replied, "This is the best we can do right now". And Wix said that they sent a message to all members that they had changed their affiliate program.

I' ve never gotten this e-mail, but it's possible that either it wasn't sent from your mail client or it wasn't sent to Gmail. It is also possible for your emails to go directly to Gmail's spamming area. Unfortunately, if the affiliate program was announced two years ago, I can't verify that this is the case because the spamming file is periodically mined.

First, because they continue to take the traffics I sent them. When an affiliate program follows, exits, or changes the way it follows a link, it is right to ensure that the initial URL travels to a 404 page of errors. It will help the affiliate to realize that they need to modify their link.

Until today my Wix Affiliate ULL from 2014 is sending to the Wix homepage and everything seems to behave well. In Wix's point of mind they want to make sure that the visitor still goes to their website, but by continuously diverting the visitor from the old affiliate UL L track pattern they basically steal the visitor flow and cash from the affiliate who were not informed of the modification.

When they would accept traffics, how hard would it have been for them to review their trafficking statistics and record which affilates still send traffics to the old URLs? It'?s not possible to know how much I lose without checking the dates. There'?s no way to know,'cause Wix shut my bankroll down.

Because Wix has deliberately taken advantage of visitors from hundreds of millions of affiliates and has not paid them back. Your only proposal was to re-register or open another one. Each individual on Twitter or in the ticketing system said you should ask someone else. It' s quite revealing that when I asked to talk to someone directly by e-mail or phone, I was said there was nothing he could do.

I' m sure other website owner s/affiliates will appreciate how disappointing it is to send active visitors to a website to find out that they won't be paid. I think Wix did something wrong by not bringing the older affiliate listing tracks to a 404 page.

There is no question in my mind that they will be behind a casual legislative instrument stating that it is the responsibility of the member company to verify this itself, but that does not alter the fact that it did badly. In summary, I am someone who was approached by Wix a few years ago to participate in his affiliate program.

Then I registered to promot them and payed an author to post a Wix reviews to increase the audience to their services. Because of their restructuring of their affiliate establishment, I have sent targeting visitors to them for years without redress. So all Wix had to do was apologize for the trouble, move my information into the new affiliate system, and give me a symbolic touch for the issue they were calling.

It could have been as much as adding commission to a new affiliate instead of losing profits, or as little as someone from his firm answering the telephone and phoning me and apologizing. Sorry for accepting your invite to join your affiliate program and invest your advertising efforts as well as your funds.

Finally, after being handed down from group to group, I found myself facing the realities that they couldn't take less notice of the subject. It' s regrettable that this episode was another story about how a big firm bolted together an affiliate. This is a clear recollection of how few legal privileges affiliated firms have and how easily firms can ignore their anxieties.

Many of you have sites that are well connected to Wix's website builder services, but you should always be careful of any business that handles an affiliate so poorly. Subscribe to RSS or e-mail to receive the latest news about this blogs. You can also join me on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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