Wistia Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

The Wistia Agency partners get access to training and resources to help them. @wistia @mattmassaro I would also love an affiliate program sometime! Like Wistia, Vidyard is another affiliate program that offers a video service. For your information - There are no affiliate links here. Find out more - Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program

The following is a listing of some of the program's advantages. When you are looking for a complete description of the program and its advantages, . Register for the Wistia Affiliate Program! As a Wistia Partner Agentur, what are my particular advantages? By registering for participation, you will gain entry to our agent resource, education, community and more to become a better distributor of videos and successfully promote and resell them.

Must I have a Wistia bankroll? Yes, all agencies must have a Pro or Advanced Wistia affiliate as well. Our goal is for our agencies to know how the site works, to know what your customers may need, and to be your own best case studies. And if you don't have an email address yet, register for one now!

Which kind of engagement does the programme include? There is no exclusive or monetary liability to Wistia other than payment for your Wistia balance. How much kind of indemnity will I receive if I take customers to Wistia? If you are taking customers to Wistia, you can move up in the Wistia Agency Tiers.

Every level will recognise and award those agents who do outstanding videomarketing and bring customers to Wistia. However, we will ask our top agents for advice on how the products and functionality should evolve over the years. Can I get an affiliate referral to Wistia or sell Wistia without Wistia branching?

It is not a partner program, so we only sponsor Wistia resellers who are active in providing videos for their customers. Because we want your customers to have full use of our customer satisfaction and customer service capabilities, we do not allow Wistia to be labelled whith a label.

Presentation of the Wistia Agency Partner Program - Wistia Learning Center

We launch a new agency affiliate program to help all of our affiliates use videos to achieve better results for their customers. Throughout the years we have seen how many agents help their customers to be successful with videomarketing. As well as improving customer proximity and retention levels, the agency itself has contributed to driving forward the franchise for its customers while at the same time showing the value of Wistia's analysis videos.

We are thankful for the help of our fellow agencies and look forward to supporting your endeavours with committed ressources and assistance. Videomarketing - what is it? How is videomarketing and how could it be beneficial for your company? Just to put it bluntly, folks enjoy looking at videos. Alone in the USA grown-ups look at over an hours worth of videos every single morning.

It turns out that when you publish videos on a company's website or in other contents, the results are quite astonishing. Local videos have been shown to drive website traffic 200-300% higher, accelerate leads by 80% and drive e-mail opening by 19%. We have looked at the large employment offices that already work for our client and we have seen how client companies like BluLeadz using our videos and Wista's platforms are generating leads up to 62% for our client.

It is not only customers who profit, but also the technology of videos that can help an advertising company to expand. BlueLeadz boosted its own customer acquisition rates by 28% per game. What makes videos so high-performing? Videomarketing is the proces of using videomarketing to boost your audience, boost your leads conversion and maintain your site at ?all, while at the same time tracking your videos' performances.

Exactly what does the Agentur-Partnerprogramm include? By registering as a Wistia Agent Reseller, you will receive trainings, assistance and ressources to help you improve customer satisfaction and expand your Wistia Reseller presence through videos. Below you will find an overview of what you can look forward to as a business associate. You' ll be learning best practice for boosting data flow, transforming lead and cultivating potential customers so you can become an experienced videomarketer.

You will also be learning how to manage your customers' videomarketing campaign. Our aim is for agents and their customers to get the most out of Wistia. You will be familiarized with all Wistia functions that provide effective results for your customers and you will be taught how to demonstrate ROI with Wistia Analysis.

At Wistia we support agents in selling online and offline videomarketing products andervices. Our partner companies receive trainings on how to pack and resell videomarketing agents and how to successfully provide these videomarketing tools to their customers. Our goal is to help agents expand, so we will provide our partner companies with market and distribution material to reuse, and use - both to expand the scale of their current customer base and generate new revenue - use?-?both.

Our plans are to fully assist our partners at every stage. Successful referral agents work with committed relationship managers who are willing to respond to any question or concern. The Wistia partners will join an on-line agency network. The most important thing is that the program though - this is though?-?this new!

Our aim is to design the programme with the inputs of the participating organisations and make it a real twinning. Earlier partner organisations will have a vote on how the programme will be organised and implemented. Do not hesitate to tell us in the following remarks what worked well for you and your customers.

Visit the website of the Wistia Agency Partner Program!

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