Windows Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

Participate in the Windows Guide Partner Program. This cloud-based solution, accessible via Windows and Mac, offers a range of automation tools for affiliate marketing. Comprehensive monetization options with excellent commission structure and Click & Impression attribution windows that help you earn more money. Hate the Affiliate Window dashboard. One of the leading affiliate management companies professionally organizes our affiliate program.

With the Microsoft affiliate program generate an extra 7% on Windows Store revenue

There are several ways Windows Store can generate revenues, which include paying applications, in-app shopping, and in-app ads. On Windows 10 there is an extra feature that not all software engineers use yet: the Microsoft Partner Program. Affiliates can generate income by promoting applications, gaming, music, videos, and other assets on the Windows Store and Microsoft Store web sites.

Which is the Microsoft Partner Program? Affiliate Program is a performance-based affiliate program that allows you to generate commission by linking your clients to free and prepaid Windows Store and Microsoft Store digital assets. So if you already promote your own applications and gaming through your website, advertisements, flags or blog, using the affiliate program will be simple.

Easily update your Windows Store url to the affiliate url in your promotion and start earning extra revenue each times your customers buy. These include everything the client will buy during the recommendation timeframe, not just the contents you have advertised. This revenue is added to what you make with your own applications' downloading, in-app buying, and in-app promotion.

Once a client enters the Windows Store via your affiliate links, we track their purchase and assign it to you. Your purchase will be traced across all Windows 10 machines associated with that customer's Microsoft accounts. Receive a royalty on all your purchase made within the following periods: Many different ways are available to use the affiliate program in your own promotional work.

The Karaoke One application has Groove Music Pass Banner that help your clients not only perform great tunes, but hear them everywhere. Chief Technology Officer Domenico Rosito told us that "using the Microsoft Affiliate Program was a matter of course for our application expertise, and we look forward to further building on our integration.

Log on to the Microsoft Private Partner Program, following the directions in the welcome email, and then following the Getting started guide. Create your affiliate hyperlinks with the help of the provided tool. Associate Affiliate Referrals are web sites that are similar to conventional affiliate Referrals, but have their own unique listing parameter. This is the affiliate hyperlink anatomy:

Substitute the urls you currently use to advertise your Windows Store applications with affiliate hyperlinks. You will also want to place affiliate hyperlinks on your website, in blogs postings, e-mails, banner advertisements, video or even in your applications. We have new utilities that will help you quickly create your affiliate links:

Left Builder: This is the simplest way to add textual, picture or tag linked pages to your website. Here you get to the Builders section. Spend your precious amount of your precious times generating automatic hyperlinks to more than one product. It can now be interrogated by the program. Data feed for top content: Automatic generation of hyperlinks to new, chargeable and free top contents from the shop.

Pregenerated Banner and Ads: Custom banner and text link designs by the Microsoft affiliate group. Advertise top contents and targeted marketing activities. You can find text and banner link in your affiliate portal under Ad Management -> My Ad -> Microsoft Private Affiliate Program. Watch this tutorial to find out more about how the program works and register at

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