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Adapt and use your own domain in the tracking links with our white label solution. So the question is, what are white label websites and how do they work? Homepage > Programs > White Labels. Shopping cart affiliate software. Select the affiliate or white label program that is right for you.

White-Label Affiliate Monitoring

This allows you to build, monitor and optimise your own affiliate email campaigns. Customise it to your own trademark and use your own domainname in the following tracks. Generate personalised e-mails with your sound and your finger. Establish a customized top level domains for your affiliate site. Monitor the progress of programmes and affiliates with our integrated analysis.

Get your findings granular with our customized report functionality. The dashboards and automatic e-mails of the subsidiaries are available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portugal and Brazil.

Simple and dependable

Acquiring through an affiliate programme is a breeze, but maintaining it can be a daunting job, especially if you manage a number greater than what you can rely on your fingertips. Affiliate success is supported by multi-purpose software such as Affiliate's White Label Software, which automatically performs repetitive tasks and quickly delivers important information.

Affiliate branding involves outside activity of your own medium. Given that awards must be consistent with effort, you need robust software to identify the sources of new players. iGaming's whitelabel affiliate software allows you to report on the following levels: When you have several different items, you can know your white horse. It is possible in the case of multinational companies to associate each and every subsidiary with a specific company name, such as a specific company name, company name, company name, etc.

Selecting within channel and vehicle can also be more data-driven. With a large number of affilates, you can create different fees according to your service, since you can also know information on sub affiliate levels. In addition, the system can display the relevant information in graphic form and periodically generate predefined report forms.

Each affiliate can work with his own privileged username and password and set a sub-affiliate on the basis of the privileges assigned. Rules are also in place for the automated approval of new subsidiaries. Using or deactivating a banner is no longer a task that has to be done manually with this software. Likewise, a user path can be created to backlink every click, every sales and every sign-up, enabling performance-based affiliate programmes.

Lots of shopkeepers don't like to have lump sum schedules and reward packages. iGaming's whitelabel affiliate software allows them to build customized individual schedules. When you want to motivate your partner on the basis of disks that boost his appetite for more, you can do so with this high-grade custom software.

Everything from the partners' land pages to their log-in website can be tailored to your specific corporate topic. Even the current datamigration can be carried out with the help of committed accountmanagers.

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