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You can post free job advertisements here

After entering your job description, set a budget. The posting of jobs and other articles is completely free. Ads on Facebook and intelligent targeting make it easy and cheap to find top talent quickly! In this stage the publication of a job is free of charge. Sponsoring your job ads means you're always at the top and only pay when users click on your ad.

Vacancy - MyRecruitment+

Within a few moments you can easily load your corporate design and customize fonts, colors, frames and many other style choices to make the right design for your business. You can use and reuse your own style sheets and tailor them to different kinds of job, candidate, or other variable. Increase your employee brand-name in order to stand up to the competition, win the right candidate and recruit them.

With a few mouse clicks you can publish your job on many free job portals like Indeed and community websites like Facebook and LinkedIn to recruit and recruit contestants for free. They can also publish their job in chargeable job exchanges such as Monster, Career Builder, Search, and many others. As well as a job exchange on your website to gain extra cash, our site offers you a special job exchange which you can integrate into your own company network and with which you can only place the ads you want to present to your people.

The MyRecruitment+ has a portable job exchange that can be readily accessed from your website where job applicants can submit applications for your vacancies. You can use the API to generate all the answers you need on the job request page to evaluate and review your candidate with ease. Or you can use our WordPress plug-in to design and customize your careers page, which includes great job exchange functions, such as a job finder function using tags, categories, location and more.

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Submit an application for a job and/or publish a free resume! Complimentary for all jobseekers. Look for and submit your application for positions in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and worldwide. This job site allows you to establish an initial point of contacts with employers/recruiters and the other way round. Sign up your own accounts area with your application histories.

Use the online box below each job to submit your application or use the employer's details, if available. Publish up to 20 free vacancies over a 6 months timeframe or at one time if you wish. This job site allows employers/recruiters to establish an initial point of contacts with candidate companies and conversely.

Sign in to your own personal profile to post your job at any moment. Candidates are sent in person to your e-mail box in person in real time using the online form directly below each vacancy (or you can get telephone enquiries or candidatures via your website, according to the job plan you are on).

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