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Grandfather of online advertising. Like Google Adwords, Microsoft uses its Bing search engine to serve ads in its search engine results and partner networks. On-line advertising is an essential part of the marketing mix. All you need is a little knowledge of how to navigate the world of online advertising. What do we do to make sure our paid advertising works the way it should?

You can advertise online for free

The times when a company set an annuity to publish its information in the Yellow Pages are over. Today, it is critical for small companies to be prominent in several online directory instead. Look at this, four out of five US users today use web browsers to find companies locally.

Even more important, 50 per cent of those who conduct queries locally on smartphones might still be visiting the company on the same date and 18 per cent might continue with a sale that same. In order to ensure that your company is found, we have identified the top 20 places where your company needs to be located.

We even added some less known folders as a bonuses. Research by Google shows that consumers most often look for office times, information about products, where they're based, and itineraries. A lot of people also put great value on online evaluations by other clients, with 88 per cent placing as much trust in these evaluations as in individual referrals. How do you therefore determine in which browse machine - or in which browse machines - you would like to be listed?

Of course, the Goliath of searching is Google. Therefore, it is no wonder when it comes to prioritize the online rankings to be tracked, expert often suggest to start with the free Google My business (GMB). Google surpasses every other browser by far and logs an estimated 7. GMB one of the biggest advantages of GMB is the ability to list the precise position of your company on a portable card - a great asset for the 1.3 billion smart phone subscribers destined to inhabit the U.S. by 2020.

The GMB is consistent in the online search, increases the overall ranking of your site to improve your site optimization results, publishes customer ratings and allows you to add printed vouchers, promotions, videos, pictures, opening times, favorite payments and other significant information to your profiles. Among other things, there are twenty other pertinent lists that could enhance your company's presence:

Bringing places for business: Google alone outperforms this free Microsoft franchise when you visit, and you can easily and quickly register to join more branches, pictures, videos, and more. Since Bing is the standard browser for Windows 8 desktops and tablets, some tablets, desktops, and laptops choose Google for Bing.

Home-grown Yahoo listing: The Yahoo SaaS, which ranks third alongside Google and Bing, attracts million of queries every day. One simple entry is free, but $9. 95/month allows you to attach photographs and a business profile, and $29. 99/month purchases entries in more than 40 other online catalogs. "Though Yahoo is no longer the big name it used to be, Yahoo Locale is a great addition to your online strategies," says Amanda DiSilvestro on SearchEngineWatch.com.

Here you can make your entry. One of the best online resources for open user ratings. Bonuses: It allows you to post your clients either publicly or privately (including deals) and check your developments with the help of the yoelp report utility. Top rated classifications on Yoelp are grocery stores, restaurant and home use.

MarketingCircle is a free networking service for small companies that want to link with small companies and small clients in their areas. Visitors can advertise to increase their offers, publish their blog and benefit from free of charge online advertising resources designed to build their own bottom line. And the more actively they are online, the more locally they will be present.

Here you can make an entry. Well-organised online edition of the ancient classical book that generated billions of everyday hits. Provides ads, leads generating and granular ad metrics. It sees itself as "the number 2 among US domestic destinations". Complimentary and simple to use, this site provides useful features such as betting and raffle lists, quick links to favorite category information, searching hints and a Facebook login feature.

Launch the list here. The Yellowbook enables easy to search commercial lists that contain your commercial information, a web site hyperlink, detailed information about your products, a card function, and ad and visual ad choices. Like the Yellow Pages, YouthBot provides essential corporate information about contacts and locations, with ratings and features such as premier lists, browseable tagging, and quick sign-in via Windows Live, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or Twitter.

The Manta describes itself as one of the biggest online ressources for small companies. "Every months, the Manta Index has thousands of users searching our extensive data base for companies, industries and geographically diverse offerings," it says. The free website specialises in offers for US based companies such as restaurant, bar, spa, hotel, restaurant and other companies through a partnership including Expedia, Urbanspoon and MerchantCircle.

Offers are accessible via the much-loved Citysearch application, and companies favoured by consumers are listed on a regular basis in 20 -category best of best of - regional tables. Enter your company here. Last year the Washington Post wrote a history in which it stated that a MapQuest Mobil application still appeared for all 20 smart phone customers with Google Maps.

Close your company in here. Locally. Com: According to him, his data base contains more than 16 million entries that cover every postal area in the USA. Combining a Yellow Pages with a site for online and offline communication, it allows your customers to log in by card and add their own comments, with or without the Foursquare application.

By monitoring your scores and evaluations, this online listings site provides information on how your clients interact with your profiles and provides insight into online and off-line marketing possibilities. Available for Android and Apple, the versatile and easy-to-use application allows consumers to search, rate, select favourites and find petrol stops by GPS location with a simple touch of a finger.

Here you can make an industry entry. Economic magazines: Available in most large US metropolitan areas, this locale search engine produces 8 million unique searches per month and provides four stages of offerings. His viewfinders earn an avarage revenue of more than 97,000 US dollars, and 84 per cent buy online. Grab your entry here. Well-known for its factual ratings in more than 720 different product groups.

Over 3 million members turn to Angie's List to research, recruit, evaluate and evaluate Angie's services. A free, in-depth online listing that can help you add your site to Google results. Among the available choices are vouchers for your clients. Among the choices is a designated customer support representative who can work to improve your site in your results.

Profile can contain market description, photos of work done, video, coupon, job history, login information, and user-generated scores and evaluations. TravelAdvisor provides a lump sum fee for all companies involved in the catering or amusement industry in 48 countries around the globe. The company, which describes itself as the world's biggest tourist website, achieves an annual 390 million individual visits on 390 million visits per month on 435 million votes and votes on 6, 8 million accommodation, restaurant and attraction sites.

  • This site provides a number of web indexes containing million of sites liste. Your editorial staff strives to make the offerings meaningful and unparalleled. Twenty five million humans browse BOTW locally every year. Directory- Critic is a linking build resources that provides SEO-friendly web and item catalogs. Each category contains general, special and product lists.

Send your entry here. Simultaneously, it can better define possibilities for your company's commercialization in these locations.

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