Where can I Sell my Products

How can I sell my products?

Explore these six unique places to sell your products or services. When it comes to choosing the right social network, ask yourself: You can sell from your website, blog, Facebook and other social media, through chats, forums and more. Everybody with the same solution. The specific stories about the product make it comprehensible for the customer.

Can I legally buy and resell articles?

As soon as you have bought something in retailing, you can use it as you wish. Producers usually have little or no oversight over a device that goes beyond the first consumer to whom they sell. But if you plan to do this as a company, some problems will occur.

First of all, you have guarantee problems. Rather than operating this shop as an offical retailer, but as an "under the table" retailer without consultation with the producer, you run the risk of repealing the guarantees they give to the first user, but not to the customer to whom you sold the goods.

Secondly, there are brand problems. When you use manufacturer logo to promote the products you resell, you need their consent. If you don't, you run the danger of getting involved in a brand violation case - especially if your company is doing well and is no longer flying under the radars. Thirdly, there are VAT questions.

Your present trading scheme (buying in retailing and then reselling) gives you two stages of VAT. You have to make payment to receive the goods, and your buyer has to make payment when you sell the goods. While you might look into getting a reseller's permission, but to get a reseller's licence, you must first inscribe with your State Control Office, which will involve getting a sale control identification number.

Confusing the VAT can result in fines and interest that are imposed on you in person. Briefly, you have here some sensitive juridical and bookkeeping questions. When you are ready to move forward, make sure you get informed, expert guidance to protect you.

Learn more about the

Once you have done all the work to get your company off the ground, it's your turn to begin to sell your products or service. The right kind of labels on your products is an important part of your distribution and market strategies. On our labeling page you will find information about what you need to state on your labels and link to sector codes such as the Food Standards Code.

Are you aware of how commercial metering legislation applies to the products you sell? On our Australian Trading Metering Act page you can find out what they are, what your company needs to do. Do you know that the new Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) legislation will require products packed from 1 July 2018 to carry the new label?

How to obtain the new label can be found on our page on labeling foodstuffs by countries of provenance. Retention or rewards programs provide an incentive for clients to continue purchasing your products or service. Find out everything about advertisements, web sites and how you can use your favourite forms of online communication to sell your products and more.

Find out how you can get your clients to see how your products and service can best fit their needs.

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