Where can I Post my Business for free

How can I post my company for free?

You can find more tips on posting under How to Improve Your Social Media Posts. Enter a detailed description of your product or service. Do not use your blog content as a "promotion" for your business. This article looks at seven ways you can use Facebook for marketing. Make the most of your Facebook business page.

With MyPost Business - Australia Post

Easily and conveniently label from your home, business or postroom. With MyPost Business, the more you spend, the more you spend. You can use our calculation tools to calculate your shipping cost on the basis of how many packages you ship and where you ship to. You can use your MyPost Business accounts to make your shipping payments either on-line or in-store.

Packages you ship are counted towards your shipment volumes, which determine how much you conserve. Your avarage monthly traffic will be calculated on the basis of how many packages you have shipped in the last 8 or 12 consecutive working days (depending on what you are saving the most on). Once you have qualified for shipping discounts (depending on whether you ship 5+, 10+ or 20+ packages per week), we will apply them to your shipping plan so the next shipping will be at your saving rates.

Be sure to include your MyPost Business QR code at the beginning of your transactions so that the packages you have sent are counted towards your total mail throughput. With CSV file import or eBay connection, you can quickly and easily purchase and purchase mailing tags. Up to 50 packages can be collected at one go.

Join the Craigslist to post a small business ad

In contrast to many on-line advertising agencies, where you are charged to publish advertisements, you can promote your business free of cost through our serviceraigslist. When you place an ad for your small business, you can promote your product or service to local and national users of the Craigslist. You are kindly requested to publish your business advertisement only in the "Service Offer" section of the website.

Visit the "Cities" page on Craigslist.org (link in Resources) and click on the town where you want to place your business ad. You can click on "Add to Classifieds" on the far right of the page. Then click on "Log in to your account" and type in your e-mail as well as your username and your username. Select "Service Offered" and click "Continue".

Specify a particular site for your business, such as a neighbourhood or geographical adress. When your company is only on-line, you can skip this box. Please insert a name for your post. Use your company name as the name followed by a short explanation of the products or services you are selling.

Please click "Anonymize" to masquerade your e-mail adress with a Craigslist e-mail adress. That will protect your mailing list from spam and allow Craigslist users to get in touch with you. So if you're not worried about your privacy and want your reader to know your actual e-mail location, click "View". Enter a descriptive text for your products or services.

Add your business telephone number and operating times to the descriptions if necessary. If you are happy with your comment, click "Continue". You can create up to eight images per ad with Craigslist. On the confirmation page, click "Continue" to validate and publish your ad.

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