Where can I Advertise my Property to Rent

How can I advertise my property for rent?

If I advertise my property for rent, should I use photographic work? Photographing professionally is something that many property owner only consider when considering the sale of their property, and this is often neglected as a major cash flow when offering their property for rent. What makes you think you should place your property above another? While I can give you a checklist of the most important things renters are looking for in a new home (call me or send me an e-mail to get a copy), they won't even concentrate on your property as they browse through the rental property unless your property is POP'S and stand out from the mass.

With the way the big property searching sites now advertise property, all the potential tenants see is 1 photo - that's it, no heading or even the buzzword. Other photographs are those that show the best characteristics of the property and contain the fully equipped fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, panoramic view, exterior areas and bedroom etc.

This will all help your property get more interest and in turn shorten the day in the bazaar, which means more $ in your pockets. The property must be rented 2 and a half weeks in advance and you will have a head start. If you would like to learn more about how professionally photographing can help you rent your property, please do not hesistate to call or e-mail us.

Posted by Sam Price, Director of Templeton Property.

Shall I rent or resell my property?

This is how you found your home of your dreams, but you are not sure whether you should be selling your current home to buy the new home or keeping your current home, renting it out and buying the new one. First thing you need to ask yourself is, how would you be feeling if there were other humans in your old cottage?

So if you sold it, could you get an emotional break from the old man? When you keep it and rent it out, it is still yours, but you may have the feeling that the renters are not looking after it the way you did. Think of your current home being valued at $400,000 and you have a $100,000 home loan on that home.

that you' re buying is $600,000 or so. Even if you rent your current home, you should get $20,000 a year. By selling the current home, you have $300,000 remaining ($400,000 - $100,000 mortgage) that you can use as a down payment to purchase the new home. That means you only have to rent $300,000 to buy the new home.

When you keep your current home, you still have a $100,000 mortgages and need to lend another $600,000 to buy the new home; that's $700,000 in loans. Consequently, your mortgages are higher than if you had been selling your old home. Your overall Cashflow will increase with increasing rents and times.

You own a $600,000 home in Szenario A and have a $300,000 mortgages. You own two houses in Szenario Bre that currently have a value of $1,000,000,000. In one sense, Szenario A is a more secure choice as you only have a $300,000 overdraft. And if you're seriously thinking about either of these choices, you should also consult your bookkeeper as there are some fiscal consequences to consider: do you want to take the more secure choice, takeario A, or do you want to significantly raise your net value and takevieveB?

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