What is to Affiliate

What's for the affiliate?

This school is affiliated to a national association of driving schools. There may be a link between two undertakings where one undertaking controls the other or where both are controlled by a third undertaking. (hereinafter) to associate or be associated with itself, in particular as a subordinate or subsidiary; to establish or establish a close link: it has become a member of the Union. NBC's local television station is a subsidiary of NBC.

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One example of an affiliate would be a reporter for a paper. Defining an affiliated company is an extension of a company or a affiliate. One example of a Fox affiliate is a Fox site that is managed by the Fox organisation.

An affiliate means to be connected to someone or something else. One example of an affiliate is when a individual becomes a member of an organisation. "Affiliate. November 30, 2018. Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fünfte Ausgabe Copyright © 2014 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. "Affiliate. November 30, 2018. Admission or acceptance as a member, subsidiary employee or branch:

HMO connected the hospitals last year. Join as a subject, affiliate, employee or member (yourself): join a new legal practice. Both trade union organisations agreed in favour of membership. An individual, entity or body associated with any other than a subject, affiliate or member: networks of subsidiaries in Indian-European origins.

Copyright © 2016, 2011 par Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Edited by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers. "Affiliate. November 30, 2018.

1981-2017 The Computer Language Company Inc. "Affiliate. November 30, 2018. Webster's New World Law Dictionary Copyright © 2010 par Wiley Publishing, Inc. "Affiliate. November 30, 2018.


Most of the purchasers, i. e. most of the locals, are connected to the nearby barrios.

Moulana, a native of the settlement, would come from the law academy to which the supporting organisation belonged. Our aim would be to subsidise the new affilates who did not have enough members in the beginning.

On the other hand, the ethics of the teams are connected to the concept of the teams. Other hospitals are connected to the general public hospitals. Decreased volumes of limbal associated Basal ganglions in case of moods disturbances. Students studied both municipal and country practices, both of which are linked to a faculty of primary care at the school. Of the members of the official organisations, almost two fifth (39%) report on memberships in aluminium clubs.

Every tag is encoded with 1 if a legislature was connected to the group. 40% of the associated companies, however, did not contribute as much as 42% of the total amount of elapsed working hours and would therefore fail to meet the admission criteria.

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