What is an Affiliate Manager

An Affiliate Manager?

It is this type of manager who understands what it takes to motivate affiliates to achieve better results. A affiliate can be an expert on one or more of the different types of online marketing, including SEO, PPC and social media. It is paid only for conversions (sales or leads), and its remuneration depends on its performance. They are all things that networks can do. Affiliate manager is a person who works in an affiliate network.

How does an Affiliate Manager work? External Affiliate Management

Each affiliate manager's everyday activity can differ, but there are several main things each affiliate manager does every single day, and it doesn't really make any difference whether you're on a salary list or working as an off-site affiliate manager. Let us take a closer look at some of these important roles and responsibilities. What are they?

Affiliate managers need to check inbound affiliate submissions. The review of your CV within 24-48 working hours is an important part of your work. If you approve or reject an offer within this period, you will keep the partners enthusiastic about promoting your programme. There' s a good point why they even advertised for your programme, they want to advertise your products and make them commission.

There' s an uproar and a desire to advertise your programme within these first 24-48hrs. On the other hand, if you only check affiliate apps once a week, take the opportunity that an affiliate doesn't remember exactly why he signed up for your application, or that he loses the enthusiasm to sign up for the application he originally had.

In addition, it is no mystery that affilates often advertise for several affiliate programmes at the same time. When you want them to prioritise your programme, you should talk to them about this app as soon as possible. Mastering any question or request that your present or prospective partners may have is important to the successful completion of any partner programme.

Several of the same grounds hold here as for the examination of requests within 24-48hrs. If you support a sound two-way communications canal with your partner companies in your market, you are meant to glow brightly among many other affiliate programmes that don't take affiliate communications as seriously as they should.

However, some partners may send you an e-mail with a voucher or even a tag that they would like to compile but demand insight from you. Taking several business hours to reply may mean you lose a lost chance to expand your affiliate programme. Affiliate managers can spent a considerable amount of your attention in one single trading session answering affiliate queries, along with answering potential affiliate queries that you are currently hiring.

However, this is a very important aspect of affiliate programme stewardship that needs to be taken seriously. Now to one of the most labour-intensive tasks - that of affiliate recruitment. Here an affiliate manager will be spending most of his working hours. Recruitment will involve various daily recruitment related activity that an affiliate manager may be obligated to perform.

You can see that the amount of times devoted to the recruitment of an affiliate on a regular base can take up most of an affiliate manager's workday. Finally, if you do not go aboard the field service in your affiliate programme, who will benefit you? When you are creating and creating advertising banners for your affiliate programme, you need to be spending more of your free online hours here than an affiliate manager who has his own creative people.

Posting new ads may not be something that needs to be done every day, but it is an important part of every affiliate manager. Part of the day-to-day responsibilities of an affiliate manager who can be missed is the fulfillment audit. How do I define my compliancy reviews? Checking the use of vouchers - You may have vouchers that are specifically for a win-back e-mail promotion or a voucher key that should not be included on voucher pages, but the voucher pages have included them and they are used by them.

An affiliate manager should check all these vouchers every single day to make sure that there is no voucher "hijacking" from other members. Payed Search Violations - if your affiliate programme you manage does not allow certain conditions to be offered, e.g. TM+ bids, you will want to make sure that you track them every single day and are able to contact anyone who violates these conditions.

Domainname Violations - You want your partners to create value and not just enjoy spelling mistakes and variation of your own domain/URL. Content-monitoring - this is especially important in heavily regulated sectors where you want to make sure that your brands and customer-focused offering doesn't violate something you shouldn't say (even if it's through your partners) - not to be blamed for fake advertisements or similar accusations.

Personally, I use the word once here because these are not actions you need to perform every working day, but they are part of the to-do sheet of an efficient affiliate manager. Creation of affiliate newsletter contents, affiliate resources guidelines, response and completion of affiliate customizations ( unambiguous voucher code, pattern request, co-branded land pages, etc.).

Again, these may not be needed every few hours, but they can be timeconsuming on the busy workdays. Regardless of whether you need to generate quarterly, weekly or even just quarterly reviews, tracking the KPIs of your affiliate programme is an important part of the work of every affiliate manager.

Your staff or a customer will determine the periodicity of these reviews for cases involving external affiliate directors. Like other points above, this may not be something that happens every day (unless you are obligated to do day-to-day reporting), but it is a large part of what an affiliate manager does.

Rationalize this part by doing everything you can to automate how you get the report from the platform/network, how you get it into your own forms or spreadsheets, and make sure you can present your information attractively from multiple different source (e.g.: an affiliate networking, an affiliate recruiting tools, a CRM application you may use, and your own Excel records).

A lot more activity can be performed by an affiliate manager, but these are the main things that an affiliate manager will do on a day-to-day with you.

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