What is Affiliation

Which is Affiliation?

Definition of belonging, act of belonging; state of belonging or belonging. The affiliation or partner may refer to the following: The affiliate (trade) is a legal form of business relationship used in commercial law. Membership (family law), a legal form of family relationship. An affiliate network or platform, a website that connects advertisers and affiliates.


Meanwhile, the proportion of whites Catholics who continue to fall and Judaism are stagnating. One group was participating, claiming to belong to al-Qaeda.

Neither the identity of the two marksmen on the altar are known, nor is it their affiliation. However, more than just religion is at risk during the Pontifical Visitation.

Thirty thousand of us have no connection to the Mormons, whatever. The thing we notice here is belonging in the uprising between the performer and the people.

At the point of belonging we recognize a consistent feeling of rejection. Nursery schools are not alone in their appeals to children and their belonging to the family.

Away from the scene he was a snaob by affiliation and a chatterer by affection. n.

Figural meaning of "adoption" by a company of branches", first chronicled in 1799 (affiliate in this sense is from 1761).

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