What is a Cpa Network

Cpa network - what is it?

CPA Networks is in one line a platform for advertisers to receive leads, in which the affiliate network usually works according to the CPS model (cost per sale). For example ZeusCPA is a CPA network and AffiliateWindow is an affiliate network. The CPA network is the intermediary that connects the advertiser with one or more publishers. The CPA network is a company that enables advertisers and web publishers (Internet marketers) to find and connect with each other. You will want to try to generate a certain type of traffic that is marketable for CPA networks.

CPA network definitions

The CPA network:

Publishers must purchase the publishers and the CPA network for each resulting leads. It is a small part of the CPA Empire Kampagnenliste, one of the largest CPA network, showing the name and descriptions of a particular brand and how much it costs for a publishers.

Exp " indicates the date on which the quotation will expire. Updating the "Real" item under "Update" means that publisher earnings stats are refreshed in the real-time. A CPA publisher can search the lists or similar lists on other networks to find the best deals for them. Their most important information is the payment per leads and - more importantly - the EPC (Earning per Click), which indicates how well the offering is developing.

From the EPC charged, only one out of 183 site users will take actions and meet bid 2, while bid 1 will only require 5 users.

In order to select an offering, a publishers click on the name of the promotion to obtain their own custom offering links, which they can then advertise in their PPC promotions or on their website. The CPA network system allows each user who lands on the supply side to be tracked back to the referencing publishers.

A CPA network may be a good way for an advertiser to expand their customer bases or make purchases.

It can be enormously rewarding for publishing houses advertising CPA. It does, however, require a great deal of know-how and experience:

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