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DON'T MISS ANY NEW SAVINGS BY SUBSCRIBING TO OUR WEEKLY E-CIRCLE! Check out the details of the weekly ad business and learn more about how to get there. The weekly ad is available here on our website every day. To download a PDF of our WEEKLY ad, click here to disable the functions for creating a list and unfolding items. Check out DICK'S weekly sporting goods ad to find sporting goods and apparel offers.

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HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD?" Please fill in your e-mail below and we will resend you a reminder of your forgotten username and your username. HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN YOUR E-MAIL? In order to access your e-mail registration, please fill in your MVP map number and the postcode assigned to the map. "``I totally loved Shop and Earn. It' simple to use and enjoy that the reward is applied to your grand totalsutomatically.

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"Flip is the indispensable application for your weekly purchases. Browse round offers and vouchers by product, make or categorie to quickly find the best offers for your weekly essence and make making your spending great and simple. Flip is the only application that fits perfectly to your newsletters with vouchers of the stamps that will save you the most.

Just flip customer badges from your favourite shops into Flipp and then cut voucher offers onto your badge to save immediately at the till. So that you keep an overview of your weekly purchases, Flipp's ultimative checklist helps you anticipate, forecast, find out what's on offer and keep your business organised.

Flip offers you the latest weekly ads from your favourite shops such as Walmart, Target, Family Dollar, Walgreens, Kroger and over 800 other retailers. Savings of 20-50% can be made on the articles you need every single weeks. With vouchers from Tide, Gain, Dawn, Crest, Charmin, Bounty, Olay, Pampers and many more, you can make savings on your favourite brand.

Here is what the expert say about Flipp: USA Today -- ""Flipp is the ultimative leaflet aggregate. "In over 350 editions, TechCrunch, ABC News, Forbes, USA Today, The Washington Post and Boston Globe, FLIP has been recognized as a top shopper application to help customers cut costs. Bloggers call flip their "shopping buddy", the "go-to apple to save", their "best friend" and a "lifesaver".

Scroll quickly through your favourite weekly ads such as Fry's Fashion Store, Fry's Less, BI-LO, Food 4 Less, Winn-Dixie, Kroger and more. Combine hundred of vouchers with weekly ads of the stamps you like to get the most cost-saving. Schedule ahead and find offers for each product on your list. Explore hundred of articles, merchants and brand names.

Easily snap elements to organise your quotes and make your purchases easier. Get alerts about upcoming listings, new listings, and upgrades from your preferred and nearest resellers to keep you informed of your listings. Printing vouchers at home saves you money on Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, King Soopers and more.

Please update the checklist. Oh, I really loved this application! Great help and has revolutionised my weekly food buying routines. One thing I would like to see enhanced is the face-to-face checklist. Personally, I like that I can type on additions to add these articles to my listing, and I especially like that anything I add to my listing by hand is associated with all my favorite food stores that have this article on offer - and I can split the listing with other members of the home, whether they're on iPhone or Droid.

However, I've been using AnyList for a few years for my supermarket purchases and I really like the adjustable features of this application. For example, that I am able to associate my articles with their own category and quantity and reorder those category, but I favor and attach memos to each article and image.

Because if you could enable your checklist to do THAT, you would make AnyList outdated! It'?s my favorite!!!! There is no need for me to browse through the whole shop leaflet just to hopefully find an article. What I like most is that I can look for a particular article and the application lists all the places where there are currently promotional sales on that article.

Actually, I really enjoy being able to "cut" and store certain interesting objects. Also, I like that there is a checklist feature - I have a tendency to ( at least half the while ) leave my checklist at home when I type one so that this issue is eliminated. Bonuses for the fact that it finds easy to advertise sales on the articles I put on my listing!

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