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You can download it from the Play Store to view flyers, receive refund offers and more. The Chesley Grocery - View flyer. Selection market - view flyer. Municipal market products - view flyer. See Clayton's Heritage Market flyer.

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Truth About Grocery Flyer

Tactics I routinely use to save cash on your grocery buys include watching the grocery shop leaflet for sale, then planning your meal (and grocery list) around those shelves. But things aren't that easy - you can't just rely on the leaflet. In recent month I have been monitoring the price of some important articles that we are constantly buying.

Trash sacks, crisp Spinach, bathroom tissue, grape, Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish Cracker, and so on. Because I know what the average cost of these articles is - I even have a small pricelist that has the normal cost for them. A few week ago, when I had a long look at the flyers from my favourite grocery stores, I accidentally noticed that some of the "big sales" mentioned in the flyers were not available at all.

It was exactly the same as the one I normally pay. I' ve done some research - I' ve called and emailed a few folks I know at the grocery shop - and I' ve found some interesting facts about flyers from grocery shops. On the one hand, a large proportion of the commercials in an advertisement in a grocery shop are advertised by the manufacturer.

This " sell" of Coca-Cola? It is likely that Coca-Cola - or a local dealer - has paid your grocery to insert their products into the ad. Often the selling prices of this "sell" article are the same as the regular prices - the only good thing on the leaflet is to put a few more dollars in the grocery store's own pockets.

Death Marks of Consumers Union says a simple reference to a specific item in a grocery leaflet can increase turnover by up to 500%. In many cases, the low costs of the reference to the products in the leaflet can thus be compensated for by a large increase in turnover.

A further technology that is often used in flyers is quantity-based techniques. You may see in the leaflet that Hüttenkäse is on the " sell " list for $0.99 - but it turns out that this is the Pintbehälter, not the four. You could go to the grocery without carefully studying it and make this $0.99 "bargain" without even considering it, and actually pay more per liter of lodge milk cheeses.

Both of these facts raise the actual question: How can you even rely on the flyers of grocery stores? These are some strategies I found that work well to find the true offers in the flyers. Secondly, concentrate on the new objects. It is rare for a brand to be affixed to virgin products - virgin products and virgin meat.

As a rule, these articles are the actual sells in the flier (but not always - you should always have a good overview of what the actual). Thirdly, "volume" selling is often difficult. Suppose you see a certain article in the offer - 2/$5. This could mean a bunch of things - it could mean that the objects are actually $2. 50 apiece and you don't really have to buy two objects to get the rebate, or it could mean that purchasing a single object will cost you $3. 29 or so - which isn't really a business.

Sometimes "sales", which are announced aloud in a leaflet, are for very small heights. However, once you are actually in business, you will find that the bigger is actually the better offer, even if it is not in "sale". "Small quantities of item selling almost always indicate something that isn't really a good buy (unless you can link) a voucher to it and get it for free.

There are many good offers in flyers, but there is also a great deal of noisiness. Find out how to get through the clutter and you' ll be saving a fortune on food.

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