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The CVS personalises its weekly advertising newsletter.

Personalised newsletters are sent to a pharmacy near you. Superstores have used shopping history to produce personalised newsletters that emphasise sales articles and have been making good sales referrals for years, but now pharmacies are getting their act together. CVS's ad programme at CVS will be based on the company's 45 million euro fidelity programme.

It will be launched through a 360-degree promotional, publicity and promotional and social medium campaigns to raise attention and acceptance according to this BrandChannel post and this CVS movie (see below). Personalised newsletters, when implemented efficiently, raise the spending of the typical buyer and have a significant effect on a retailer's overall revenue limit. Because of the size, CVS's switch to meanWeekly Ad will show more buyers that there is value in newsletters; it is also likely that it will cause something similar to Walgreen's.

What grocery retailer/supermarket have you seen (or experienced) doing good work with personalised advertisements? Does personalisation protect buyers from overloading? Has the Walgreen balance rewards programme lost its footing?

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