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The Tiffany Rose is a UK-based online shop aimed at expectant mothers. Wedding Partner Programs offer wedding apparel, accessories and related products from top retailers. We currently have websites in the UK, Ireland, USA, France and Australia with partner programs in all markets. Always on the lookout for fashionable websites to join Ted's affiliate program. Register for our affiliate program today by visiting our Webgains profile page:

Wedding Insurance John Lewis Affiliate Program

Make up to a whopping £22 provision for wedding insurances earned on-line. John Lewis Finance Partner Program has a 30-day cookies duration. Lewis Finance provides wedding coverage that you can rely on. And if a vendor lets you down, we won't do that and your wedding gateau, wedding flower, wedding transport, wedding ring and wedding gown can all be cover.

Introduced in September 2010, wedding insurance is part of a range of John Lewis Finance insurance solutions that include home, auto, travel and pet. The John Lewis Finance custom built solution will be acquired by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc (RSA) and all distribution, service and claim processing will be handled by UK domiciled RSA Call Centers.

Usually the client has a John Lewis gift list and stores in John Lewis and Waitrose. John Lewis Finance's Wedding Insurances offer personal finance coverage if things don't go according to schedule. Just select from our six £60 or higher coverage level and we'll help ensure your wedding goes according to schedule.

When you need to postpone or change your wedding, you may demand bail or expenses that you cannot recover if it is not appropriate to resume the wedding and it is not due to an already established health status. They also protect against the accidental loosing or damaging of important objects such as wedding clothes and wedding bands.

When photographs cannot be photographed because the movie, negative or underlying image has been corrupted, John Lewis Finance pays a professional to shoot the wedding ceremony again. The wedding society shall include future spouses or life associates, their parent or guardian, witnesses, virgins, pageboys and ushers.

There are many kinds of wedding arrangements we can provide, from a generous home wedding to an informal foreign wedding if an option to extend the wedding abroad is chosen (liability insurance does not include marriages and anniversaries held in the USA or Canada). John Lewis Finance wedding insurance is fast and simple to buy.

All creatives and creatives used must be taken from the affiliate window accounts. The copy authorized by Corporate Governance can be found in the Documents section - please make sure that all John Lewis Insurance copies used are taken from it. If you would like to use tailor-made creatives, please email John Lewis Insurance at uk to obtain pre-acceptance authorisation before starting the Life Programme.

Registering to advertise the John Lewis Finance trademark within the Affiliate Channel means that you agree to keep all John Lewis Finance relevant information on your website up to date. If you do not refresh this information, you will be excluded from the program. John Lewis pet, travel, auto, pet and wedding programs are interconnected and therefore effective.

Therefore, if a buyer clicking through on a wedding insurance association and concludes a policy on any other John Lewis financial programme (travel, home, pet and car), the sale will be traced into each particular programme and participants will be eligible to recieve commission accordingly. Lewis Finance reserves the right to refuse any purchase using a coupon number.

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