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The AWS cloud web hosting solution provides enterprises and organizations with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective way to deliver Web sites and applications. Share web hosting for your home and business. Hosting options that work for you and your visitors. Evaluate web hosting providers and plans based on ratings, features, and prices. Bring your website online with lots of money for the perfect hosting plan.


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The DNS address serves as an address through which people all over the world can find and access the website. This unique address is required for visitors to view your website. By purchasing a website hosting package, you are basically purchasing storage space on one of our servers. This is similar to the space on a computer's hard disk, but the server allows access to files from anywhere.

More information can be found on our web hosting product support page. What can I use to design my website? There are several ways to design a website - from manual coding in HTML to using a website builder. If the website is to have many functions and be flexible, programs and applications that help to build the website are useful.

Our web hosting packages vous donnent accès à nos applications gratuites côté serveur qui peuvent être utilisées pour développer et personnaliser votre site Web, y compris les systèmes de gestion de contenu populaires (CMS) tels que WordPress® et Joomla!®. You can also add a dedicated IP if you want to add an SSL certificate later. If you have programmed your website in an HTML editor, such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Studio, you must upload your website files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

We have an integrated FTP file manager accessible from our Hosting Control Center. For more information, see Uploading files to your website (FTP).

Web hosting - what is it? - white-label hosting

Web hosting - what is it? The most hosting company requires that you own your own domains to be able to host with them. When you don't have a real estate name, the hosting company will help you buy one. These are some of the functions you should expect from your hosting provider: E-mail AccountsAs already noted, most hosting service provideers demand that people have their ownomainname.

Using FTP, you can transfer data from your computer to your webhost. The majority of hosting service provider will tell you immediately if their plan is WordPress compliant or not.

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