Website Builder Affiliate Program

Web Site Builder Affiliate Program

Choose from billions of combinations of layouts, text, images, and more with the simple Drag & Drop Website Builder. The aim of affiliate marketing is to build a trusting relationship. The solutions available under the RegNow Partner Program are: Start earning monthly income by joining the Mission Affiliate Program today! We help businesses grow by providing a church website builder and a mobile app.

Best Website Builder for the Mobile Age

Banners and hyperlinks are available to place on your website, your blogs or your channels. - Receive your authorized referral fees every month!

We will immediately notify you and withdraw your affiliate membership if we discover activities that are causing suspicion. Everything from shopping to order management and support is taken in hand for all the friend you recommend.

At the top click on the "APPLY TODAY" icon and it will take you to our partner site. Redirection of pages, passing of domains and filling of cookies are also forbidden. Banned keywords for web page URLs: Any spelling mistakes and deviations are also limited.

You may not use any material on a website that is illegal, harmful, menacing, abusive, harmful, pornographic, harassing, snarling, defamatory, vulgar, pornographic, slanderous, invasive of another's privacy or belief (including, but not limited to, addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or other identifying information without the prior consent of the owners of such information), hateful, profane, racist, ethnic or otherwise offensive.

Participate in our affiliate program today and earn money!

Make $96 per year for each website. Not a month's goal. Upload our default banner and place it on your website. Accumulate your cumulative recurring fees for all your current subscription activity resulting from your advertising activity.

You will receive $8 per month for converting the file during this time.

Monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and monitor your fee-payouts. Retrieve your affiliate text link, and with just a few mouse clicks get a wide range of brand pictures and liquid-banner downloads. Please find some answers to your partner program related question.

Which is your affiliate program about? As soon as the client switches to one of the chargeable schemes, we begin to pay you a fee. And who can use your affiliate program? Our affilates include web developer, web designer, web agency, freelancer, blogger, publisher, reseller etc. Do not have a website, but I would like to use your affiliate program.

No website required! I am not used to creating web sites. For those who work with us to build a website, we offer all necessary support.

Most importantly, you are generating revenue for us and we give you a fee for it. That means that you will get bonuses as long as your recommendations have their web pages with us.

What are the methods of paying them? You have three ways to get your montly commission: We do not charge a bank royalty via PayPal and send the full amount of the comission. What is the frequency of payments? Once a month you get a commission. For all your transformed recommendations, we are paying all the commissions you make in one single payments operation.

When customers make payment after a single payment period, we charge 48 US dollars after they have made 3 payment periods and 48 US dollars for every six consecutive calendar weeks during which the customer is still using our service (i.e. 9, 15, 21 and so on after the customer has logged in).

Do you have a revenue goal per month?

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