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Web site banner images

Further ideas for banner design, web banners and vectors can be found here. A large collection of pictures is available on the UNC PhotoShelter website. The "Use" button at the top of a topic you want to use on your website. With the Banner Text Overlay you can create a full width banner image with text on the right or left side. To remove the current default banner, click Delete Image.

The 60 Best Web Banner Stock Photos, Pictures and Pictures

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Nearly every website out there uses images to supplement their contents. Here I show you some samples, inspirations and grounding rules on how to use images in the head of your website. You' probably want to include a heading or brief text to your picture. For best results, use a blank colour for the typeface.

For the most part, plain text does not work because the contrasts are too low. Darker text only looks good if you have an almost whitish picture, e.g. a whitish sky: When the photograph is not mainly blank, it is simpler to use a bright type colour. You can use either a black-and-white photograph or a deep photograph to achieve high levels of detail.

Or, you can dim your photograph with an overlays to achieve a higher contrast: Don't conceal the theme of your picture behind text. In this way, you can black out the page with the text to get a higher level of detail, and you can make a lighter page with the motif to underline it.

However, a survey has shown that sites with face characteristics such as the above site are more attractively noticed. Make sure you show a pertinent photograph. Having a great picture can get those interested in your website to look at your articles or use your work.

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