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When reading news on websites like Facebook, it's about monetizing your visit. High quality, curated advertising and marketing research. A lot of websites, especially those that provide free information or content, rely on advertising to continue operations. While some websites offer free offers, others are paid for. However, it is not normally recommended as best practice to promote multiple sites in one account.

Advertising technology destroys the Internet adventure | Felix Salmon | Media

It is so wonderful how simple it is to read this article in a paper. You' ve turned the page, and here it is, with few nuisances or diversions, in an ultra-high resolution font specially developed for pleasant viewing. Do you - hold on - read that on a telephone? Today, in many respects, the ability to read such things is much harder than it was in the early days of dial-up networking.

This is not because we all have high bandwith super computers in our bags, although the web technicians who create these pages generally do and tend to tend to forgive everyone else. Rather, it is about monetizing you by seeding you in person to the highest bids. It happens every single times you click on a hyperlink before the page has even begun to download to your mobile at all.

There was a point when if you and I both went to the same website at the same moment with the same web browsers, we would end up seeing the same thing. It is an eco-system that poses important issues about private life and just general horror - the way that once you look at a set of footwear for example on-line, they begin to follow you for week on every other website.

The Gruber accused, but actually it's not the website guilty, because the website owners who visit you don't really check much of what you see, when you see it, how you see it, or even if you see it. Instead, there are tens of members in the advertising technologies supply-chain, and each one of them optimizes the monetary value, not the low-bandwidth consumer experiences.

A lot of pages, if you are on a low-speed link, are just hidden; they are never loaded. This results in a greatly deteriorated usability sensation - almost useless in many circumstances. Now, there's a would-be jumper out there - Apple. Advertisements have never become less troublesome over the years, and you can be sure that once Silicon Valley finds out how to better recognize who you are, your advertisements will become more troublesome.

However, there is no real chance that sites will actually better themselves from here. And if you want to prevent the horrible experiences of the web, you have only one option - to read your stories in the Facebook or Apple' RSS feed. However, it won't be Facebook and Apple who kill the newsmarks.

It was the same technology that linked us to a truly multinational public that pushed advertising revenue away from newspaper publishing. Our chosen strategy allows us to keep our journalists open and available to all, regardless of where they might be living or what they can afford. Our goal is to make our journalists more aware of where they are living. Thank you very much for your help and your interest.

However, we must retain and expand this assistance for each coming year. Our readers' lasting endorsement allows us to carry on with our storytelling even in tough periods of change, when objective coverage has never been so crucial. Our futures would be much safer if everyone who enjoys reading our reports supports them.

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