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Kenya Webhost is a leading Internet Service Provider. WebApps is a web hosting service for web developers who maintain UB's official academic or administrative websites. Surveys and mobile interviews are conducted via a single, easy-to-use online subscription service, Snap WebHost.

Webhost Definitions

You need a web hosting to be able to publish a website on-line. A web hosting company saves all pages of your website and makes them available to computer users linked to the world wide web.

Web hosts can have a value from one to several thousand machines running webhosting software, such as Apache, OS X Server, or Windows Server. The majority of Web pages you see on the Web are called from a hosted "shared host," a computer that can hold hundreds of Web pages.

Bigger web pages often use a "dedicated host", i.e. a computer that hosted only one web page. Web pages with extreme levels of visitor activity, such as apple.com or microsoft.com, use multiple machines to help hosted a Web site. To find a good webhost should not be too difficult, because there are hundreds of them.

Simply make sure that the web hosting you select provides good tech and has little or no uptime. On this page there is a technichal description of Web Hosts. You can call this Web hosts Definition if you find it useful using the quotation link above.

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With our 100% contentment warranty there is no question that we are the right webhosting provider for you. Our sponsorship for the most famous open sources like WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop and 2evolution is running. Our ability to meet all the web serving needs of your expanding organization, from small office hosted sharing to VPS hosted and servers devoted to scalability and enterprises.

Using Smart Routing at Routing?, progressive desktop health and safety, and premier broadband vendors, we sustain 99.999% of your networking time. To keep your Web sites private, we use the highest levels of safeguards, including automatic Web application update, FREE SSL, hacker prevention, customized personalized firewall, and desktop dots. Excellent customer care, secured website transaction and best practice.

We have been a premium CNET web host for 15 years. We have the highest A+ Services Ratings awarded by the Better Business Bureau, a Bureau of Consumers that verifies the health and safety of companies in the United States and Canada.

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