Web Hosting with Sql Server

Webhosting with Sql Server

Check out the best Microsoft SQL (MSSQL) database hosting providers and find out if MySQL or MSSQL is a better fit for your website. The PostgreSQL is a powerful database system that is known for its reliability and database integrity. The MongoDB is a document, a NoSQL database. MaryDB is a feature-rich drop-in alternative for MySQL.

All of our hosting accounts support MySQL databases. Hosting Control Panel et Plesk) prennent également en charge MS SQL. Hosting Windows Les comptes du Panneau de configuration de l'hébergement Windows prennent également en charge les bases de données Access. This article covers MySQL and MS SQL ; if you want to create a database for your website, the type of hosting account you have depends on what type of hosting account you have (more information) : if you want to use an Access database, see the appropriate steps here.

If you create a database to install an application such as WordPress, you can also install the application from your tax center without having to create a database yourself (more information). To set up a database for your website : Cliquez sur Web hosting. Clicker sur l'une des options suivantes, en fonction de votre type d'hébergement.

Follow the keyword in the description below the domain name of your hosting account, e.g. for Webhosting Deluxe, select Web/Classical (Hosting Control Panel) here. Click Start next to the hosting account you want to use. In the Databases Hosting Control Panel area, click the icon for the database you want to create.

Click Add. To allow direct access, click More Options. Check the settings and click OK. It takes about a hour to create a database. Once the database has been created, you can click Actions, and then click Details to find more information, such as the hostname.

Click Start next to the hosting account you want to use. In the Databases pane, click MySQL Database Assistant. In the New Database box, type a name for your database and click Next Step. Fill in the User Name, Password, and Password (Repeat) fields and click Create User.

Select the permissions you want to grant the user and click Next Step. ln Parallels Plesk Panel, vous créez des bases de données, puis vous créez de nouveaux utilisateurs pour les bases de données ou vous donnez accès aux utilisateurs existants. Click Start next to the hosting account you want to use.

Click Databases. Complete the Database Name and Type fields, and then click OK. Select Create new database user if you want to create a new user for this database and enter a user name and password. Click OK.

To manage database user access : Allez dans l'onglet Users. In the Name, click the database user that you want to manage. From the Database menu, select either the individual database that the user can access or All to give the user access to all databases of this type.

If the database that the user is supposed to access is not available, it is likely that the user is destined for a different database type. However, you can create a new database user with the same name for this database and grant it access.

Click OK. If you need to create additional users, go to the Users tab and click Create New Database User. However, you can create users with the same name for each database type.

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