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4 Best Web Hosting for Singapore Websites 2018 (Ranking!)

Deploying a website in Singapore is actually quite simple. The only thing you have to do is to choose a hosting that is dependable, serious and works well in this area, because it' s important to have fast, and the absence of fast leads directly to lost revenue. Selecting the best web hosting websites in Singapore might be the hardest decision we ever had to make when we chose to create a website right here in Lion City.

Choosing the right web hosting can have a negative impact on your company and your webpage.

Let's take a look at the facts and functions that every good web hosting should have. Really having quick servers in London isn't really important if you're aiming for Singapore! Don't want a hosting that's easy to hack!

According to Consumer ServiceMurphy's Law, everything that can go awry goes awry at the most awkward point in history. If it happens, it will be great to have someone you can rely on to help you, so it's important to have 24/7/365 after sales services.

A good hosting should always have automated backup of your information just in case something goes awry.

Because we have ensured that our test pages are actually housed in Singapore companies' data centers, we can perform our test on all 4 brand servers with the same performance metrics. Obviously, this is quite important because if you select a hosting company with long reply time, it will take longer for your site to charge up and cause your buyers to loose interest you will be losing the sales.

Okay, so we've talked long enough about our tedious test procedures and policies, so let's take a look at our test results, beginning with our favorite SiteGround hosting! "Many-sided and very round hospitality. "Of the 4 website hosts presented, Siteground is the most prestigious, best known international for its outstanding client support.

When you ask nice, they will even tell you where to find the best chili shrimp in Singapore (OKAY I'M KIDDING!). In terms of features, we were amazed when we found that Siteground gave us the best shot for the dollar, especially when they're the largest out there: the best brand: Add extra benefits like the ready-to-use SuperCacher and SuperCaching system and SiteGround has a clear edge over the game.

As we guided the hosting through our unparalleled serverspeed checking engine, SiteGround delivered stunning results with a global mean of 148. Thirty-eight ms, and an averaging 57 ms in Sydney, Singapore, and Japan! Take a look at our test site with SiteGround. Please go to the SiteGround website. Please note: We carefully supervise SiteGround as we are hosting with them.

In our detailed reviews you will learn everything you need to know about SiteGround (our test pages, test servers, test terms, etc.). "When someone speaks about singaporean web hosting, the exabytes mark always comes to your minds. Several of our buddies are swearing by them after having served them for over ten years.

Exabytes is the Exabest when it comes to functions and advantages. It is basically a one-stop store for the construction and hosting of websites. Also, they mark all the right checkboxes and have all the necessary functions (which may not be as thrilling as the competition, but still quite decent).

Like I said before, their functionality may not be as powerful as that of the competition, but when it comes to comfort, Excel makes up for it - all I need is right on their website, I don't have to look for a seperate website builders. Excabytes has the same functionality as its colleagues internationally...but only with its Ebiz Lite Pro plan and SGD14.

Check out our test page hosted on Exabytes Singapore. Please check the Exabytes Singapore website. Featuring great functionality and added value, the 2 former hosting packages have raised the standard quite hell...but it seems that hosting A2 has no problem complying (and in some cases surpassing) these defaults.

Acting as an global player, hosting services from A 2 are required to be dependable and quick with outstanding levels of client support.

Thirteen ms and an avarage of 137 ms in Singapore, Sydney and Japan. Their numbers on papers may not be as good as our #1 SiteGround hosts, but at rates below 200ms, your page loads almost instantly!

Your own unique technology also gets along really well with WordPress, Joomla, Magento and others and drives the system forward to give you the highest possible speeds anytime! So now, take everything you learned about hosting on A2, all the functions, the performance, everything - how much would you be paying for such a hosting offer?

Check out our test page hosting on our hosting site A 2. Please check the website of A2 Hosting.

Amazingly, their client services are not great for a celebrity like them... to put it mildly. So far everything seems to be similar to SiteGround. Fortunately, Vodien seems to be justifying its price when it comes to serverspeed. The global mean is 195. Sydney, Japan and Singapore, you know that your clients won't wait long to download your website.

Check out our test page Hosted on Vodien Singapore.

Your starter packs only include HDD memory choices, which isn't perfect as we're talking about speeds and loading time. Because of their pricing, quickness and outstanding client service, I have to say that SiteGround is the best web hosting in Singapore for us, but if you choose one of the other makes, you don't have to worry - they all provide really good local and international services, as our site tester justifies.

Hopefully this piece has assisted you in choosing a webmaster.

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