Web Hosting Referral Program

Webhosting Referral Program

Affiliate Program offers website owners the opportunity to earn commissions for qualified referrals. Partner and Partnership Programme Will I need more than one track for my email and marketing efforts? That means you can use one track and trace for all your email and we will give you credits for all your email alerts, regardless of which region the alert was in. Your website visitors in Canada see your ad and click on your ad space and the supportive following trackinglink.

Must I place a flag or hyperlink on my website to become an affiliated? When you want to reach your friend, family, employee or customer through personal or on-line interaction, you can easily tell them your affilate tracking URL and let them click on it before purchasing.

This way, if someone chooses to submit through your website, you get a fee without having to do anything! In what currencies will I be payed? Although you can join the affiliate program no matter where you reside, the payment of your referral fee will depend on where the sales were made.

There are two ways you can opt to pay by cheque or PayPal, with two exceptions: PayPal is the only way to pay for all UK and European purchases. When you live outside North America, you will only be charged with PayPal. If you wish to review or modify your prefered means of payments, login to your partner profile and click on the section CONTINUE > INVOICE.

I' ve been generating a sales. How long before I get payed? The affiliates are remunerated on the sixteenth of each calendar year. A bill is created at the end of each monthly period automaticly by the merchant system. They say affilates can make up to per sales. The present fee schedule is as follows:

Access your report at any point by signing into your partner login screen to see all your activity and fee information. Both the Reseller Plan and the Partner Program have many advantages, two very different types of program. Partner Program is a referral program. If you recommend additional clients, you may be able to provide your clients with rebates.

The affiliate program is just right for you if you don't want to take over the web hosting's supporting and technology side. With the Reseller Plan, you can hoster more than one client and give them their own controls panel and login. Establish your own web hosting company under your own trade name.

This way, you can launch a branded web hosting business without having to invest in costly infrastructures, server, bandwidth and IT people.

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