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When you know a friend or colleague who needs a host for his website, tell him about us. Join the web hosting affiliate and we'll provide you with all the tools you need to earn extra money. Place a referral link (text or banner) on a partner page.

Affiliate Web Hosting - Web Hosting Referral Program

Whilst some businesses are offering a high referral reward, they are usually associated with a lot of work. Sign up for your partner sign-up today and get your first $10.00 $ USD in bonuses! Get a referral from $25.00 to $100.00 for every bundle you order! Each time you reference someone to our site with your matchcode, a coolie is placed on their computer that contains that matchcode, so if they mark the site with a marker and come back later, you still get the referral fee.

Log in to your web hosting area ( you must be a customer to participate). Instantly activate your new partner sign-up with a $10.00 match bonus now! Follow the packets and accounting intervals of your recommendation. Ask for a cheque or sweet cheque in your hostingccount. And we also offer referral bonus for most web site designs!

Hosting Affiliate Program - Hosting Recommendations

If you are a web design professional who wants to improve your margins by cutting hosting costs, a person who knows someone who needs a website, or a small company who wants to make more money from your website, we can help. Get up to $150 per referral for every new hosting client you recommend.

Ready-made advertisements, flags and hyperlinks that you place on your website or in your e-mails. Host under your own name.

This is how it works

Featuring so many web hosting choices, it's simple to get overpowered. In order to help your clients make a more educated choice and better advertise our product, we have prepared this comparative table, which is also available as a PDF download! Well-featured web hosting and web naming services are easily sold and earn high fees.

Offering great cash-outs, we are one of the few to make a commission on selling domains.

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