Web Hosting Partner Program

Affiliate Web Hosting Program

Hosting Provider Partnership Program. Participate in Australia's best hosting affiliate program ever and become part of a network of Crucial's affiliate program partners. Become a member now and earn easy money by promoting the best-selling hosting services!

Hosting Provider Partner Program

Use our controlpanels as an extra monetisationool for your company by providing them in a package with your key benefits! Participate in our affiliate program and get 25% discount! And who can participate in the program? Hosted service provider, web designer and datacenter. What operator panel is supplied?

Merely montly licences of the above named panel can be used. Receive montly licences with rebates from 25% deposit or upfront investment. Paid only for the licences you have enabled within a single calendar months and receive up to 40 day uptime. Automatically order, activate, and provision your customer software with our unique Licensing Administration API. What's more, you can easily manage your customers' licensing needs.

All our consoles are fitted with a pleasant and straightforward plumber, which makes it very straightforward to get started with the system. Receive 20 free support events when you join the program! If your company is growing, we would be pleased to offer you larger rebates and better prices on our full range of full featured user interface licences.

Start as a starter hosting partner and progressively raise your licensing and sales volume to achieve a Platinum Partner status and the best prices on the open retail shelves. Do you want to change your lifetime and annual licences of the fifth edition into month licences? Do you want to change your lifetime and annual 4G licences into 5G licences?

In order to facilitate the migration, we can offer a free of charge licence of the fifth edition for one year! At the end of each calender month, our statement of account creates an automatic bill for you on the basis of the real number of active licences. Your bill will, however, cover at least the amount of your minimal partner obligation.

Annual and lifetime licences are not part of the program, nor are SSL Certificate. This program is only intended for affiliates who provide our hosting license together with their hosting service on a certain set of ISPs (internal licensing) and is not intended for resale.

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