Web Hosting for Nonprofits

Hosting for non-profit organizations

Best-of-breed web hosting for non-profit, recommended providers. Fortunately, good hosting doesn't have to be expensive! Seeking to help the missions of the many non-profit and charitable organisations doing great work around the globe, I have put together this listing of today's hosting companies offering 501(c)3 and other 100% free web hosting solutions to our customers. PLEASE NOTE: This checklist is provided as a convenience to the non-profit organization.

Before you decide whether free web hosting is right for you or not, please do your research. After all, I have no connection to any of these free hosting service provider. These are the businesses that currently offer free web hosting for qualified businesses:

Provides a free co-hosting program with 501 (c)(3) nonprofit certification to nonprofits and nonprofit U.S.-based entities. Provides non-profit and charity organisations in the USA with a free Small Plan (or 10% off any major hosting plan).

Free Small Hosting plans include 5GB of disk space, 50GB of bandwith, limitless e-mail account for your website, and limitless number of subdomains to host. Free Startup Plan features 5GB of disk space, unrestricted band width, 10 e-mail account and hosting for up to 10 subdomains.

Higher-level hosting offerings are also available at reduced prices to non-profit organizations. For more information, please see their non-profit sponsoring page.

Provides free web hosting to U.S.-based non-profit organizations. Free Standard Web Hosting Plans seem to be ample for a free hosting plans as they include free space, free bandwith, free subdomains and free e-mail account for your website. Non-profit organizations are asked to place a small text hyperlink ("Powered by InterServer") on their homepage that leads back to the enterprise in return for the free web hosting.

Offers free web hosting to charitable organizations in Canada, the USA and elsewhere in the United States. In order to be eligible, all charitable organisations must provide formal evidence of their legal standing in their home state. Free charity start-up plans include 30GB of disk space, limitless bandwith, hosting of limitless sites, 100 e-mail account and LiteSpeed free caching.

Intermediate hosting schedules are available at greatly reduced tariffs for philanthropic organizations that have extra needs beyond the free schedule.

It is a smaller hosting business that provides free web hosting for non-profit organizations in every state. Free non-profit hosting plans include 5GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwith, 5 5GB e-mail addresses, and hosting one website per address.

Below (for information only) is a listing of businesses that have previously provided free web hosting, but DO NOT LONGLY offer this to non-profit or charity organizations: Provides free web hosting for all 501 (c)3 non-profit organisations in the USA and Canada affiliated non-profit organisations.

To get free hosting for your organisation, you must first register for Grassroots.org for free. Complimentary hosting for non-profit organisations based and enrolled in Canada.

HostGator's Technology Grant Program enabled non-profit organizations in the United States to obtain a free hosting program with unrestricted space, unrestricted band width, and an unrestricted number of subdomains each.

Canada corporation that previously provided free web hosting to 501 (c)3 non-profit organisations in the U.S. and Canada's charitable, education and government organisations. The free roadmap comprised unrestricted space, unrestricted bandwith and unrestricted subdomains hosting.

Contains 1 GB of memory, 10 GB of bandwith, and unrestricted subdomains. This is another UK-based firm offering free web hosting to any charitable or non-profit organisation established in the UK (organisations outside the UK have also qualifying for free hosting). This free schedule involved a large amount of disk capacity, free bandwith, free e-mail account and all the other basic functionality you would want with website hosting.

The US corporation provided free web hosting for select nonprofit and charitable organizations in the Pacific Northwest. The free hosting schedule comprised up to 1GB of memory, up to 10GB of bandwith, and simple e-mailing.

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