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Indeed, most marketers will have to turn to web advertising at some point. Portable app, portable web, desktop. Extensible, cross-screen display with one or more picture galleries. Spooky remarketing offers you the same display advertising no matter where you go. Attract local consumers with highly visible and targeted web display advertising messages.

Web Display Ads: The Argument for Web Display Ads

Mr. Jones is General Manager of the Display advertising division at Responsys. "While much of what Gilad had to say about the strength of CMS was just right, I think he failed in his evaluation of the display. A few years ago, Gilad's display ad case would have been correct.

The innovative strength of the exhibited products stagnated and the profitability of the advertisers' investments reached its lowest point. Much of the issue was that the display was lacking advanced methodologies for addressing. Unfortunately, this does not mean that all display advertiser are doing things right. All too often I see inaccurate and apparently randomly placed displays running across my display.

Too many marketers still use fundamental targeted information such as population, locations and methodologies such as A/B tests to optimise users' clicking. The time of the non-relevant displays should be a thing of the past. Given the huge amount of data-driven intelligence available to marketers, display ads should be both the advertiser and the customer's best friend. However, the best way to achieve this is to ensure that the display ads are not just a marketing tool.

For example, think of it as looking for a flight to Thailand. This may have implied in the gloomy age of display that you would see display ads that have to do with vague trips, but in no way with the journey you are making to Thailand. Today, with display targeting and energetic creativ optimisation, you can see display ads not only about Thailand flight but also about the cheapest fares and packages for your accurate journey in real-time.

Possibly you will also see display ads with items and service related to your journey - such as the best Bangkok dining venues. Through the use of real-time information, marketers are able to turn the display into a truly vibrant and engaging experience. This is the first opportunity for Internet shoppers and surfers to see a creatively designed presentation designed to fit their interests and ongoing online work.

For the first of its kind, this enables advertising companies to conduct a dialog with the consumer via the display. Even this is not the end of the scale, however, if they want to achieve true revenue from their display merchandising, they must automate and orchestrate this process with e-mail and other media - a sign of the longoverdue downfall of the batch-and-blast process.

Intelligent marketers need to realize that the barrier between display advertising and relational markets must be removed. Using vibrant displays that work in tandem with other forms of electronic media, such as e-mail, ad professionals can understand the information they have about their clients and integrate it into their cross-channel advertising strategy.

Whilst some advertisers do not see the bright lights of display advertising, others have recognised its value as an effective and vibrant complement to any on-line advertising campaig. Whereas yesterday's display advertising may still have been "Brand Knowledge Blacks Hole", today this is only the case if the marketing company does not have the necessary tool or know-how to use the display optimally.

Today, marketing professionals must ask themselves what technology and new skills do I need to realize the full power of the display? How can I make the ad a more compelling proposition that contributes as much to building relations as it does to managing deals?

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