Web Banners


In this form of online advertising, an advertisement is embedded in a website. The intention is to draw traffic to a website by linking to the advertiser's website. In this lesson, we will discuss the concept of a web banner used in digital marketing. While web banners are a great way to reach a large audience, in web banner design it is important to excite users for the right reasons. This is a graphical web advertising unit.

Which is a web banner? - Specifications, Design & Example

We' ll cover the idea of a web banner used in your daily business in order to get the most out of your web site. You' ll be learning some of the things to keep in minds when you design a banner, and seeing some banner advertising samples. Just think, you reduce this advertising and then create a visual image of it that you put on line and get a web banner.

Briefly, a web banner is just one type of on-line advertisement. Over the course of this unit, we will be discussing some web banner related issues of web banner designs and presenting some samples. While creating a web banner a web-designer has to keep several things in the back of his head. For starters, what is the format of the web banner?

Web banners are often oblong. Some web banners, however, are quadratic. As well as determining the form of your web banner, you need to consider the dimensions of your web banner. While some web banners are small, others are enormous. Often the web banner depends on where you place it and who asks you to do it.

As web banners have somehow angered web surfers and ad blocks have recently been created and become very common, there is a tendency towards smaller, less obtrusive web banners that don't bother surfers as much or can get past some ad blocks. One more thing you should keep in mind regarding the web banner you are going to design is whether this web banner is stationary or motion-based.

Standing web banners are those that are like an ad in a paper. Animated web banners are those that are like micro films or tales and can even have interactive items as part of the overall motion picture. Naturally, there is much more to web banner web banner designing than just these large and comprehensive approaches that need to be taken into account.

Think about where the banner will be placed and what the banner is about. As an example, a sexual banner ad will probably not be well received and will not be permitted on a family-friendly website. They must also take into account the banner designs at a shaded plane.

Which colours will you use? Colour ecology can come into the picture here, but the overall website layout is also important. So in other words, should you use colours in your banner advertising that match those of the website or colours that stand out from the rest?

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