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banner campaign

Note that web users tend to ignore online banners. A banner ad usually consists of graphic images with a clear call to action and sometimes animations displayed on a web page. Digital Studio | Web Banner Advertisements On of the most favorite ways to attract clients from other websites to your own is with web banner advertising displays. We can deliver web-banner in different sizes, such as fixed banner (JPG/PNG) or basic animations (GIF), but the most common and varied size is HTML5 with animations. It has been demonstrated that these enriched medium types raise conversion rates.

While we can help you choose the right kind of banner for your needs, we can make sure we work with the publisher or ad agent's ad serving company to comply with the publisher's specification. No matter whether your banner ad is placed on an ad serving platform such as Google PPC or AdWords, or on a community site such as Facebook or Instagram, or on a third site such as Sizmek or Double-Click, we can create, test and create your banner ad so that you can monitor your ad spending and your return on investment through ad trackers.

We can also work with our promotional programming partner to develop an on-line ad campaign for your displays to match your perfect client, further refine your targeting and improve your ROI.

The first campaign was only a small run, but after 3 years and many succesful campaign ing with an average of 40 web ads per campaign, the audience's range was incontestable. In addition, we gave the integrated ones the opportunity to modify interest rate directly on the web via any web banner.

Throughout our three-year agreement with Melbourne Storm Rugby League Football Club, we worked with their main agent to create all the online and printed contents for the New Zealand and Victorian Games Day.

With the Mooney Valley racing club, we have a long story in collaboration with the MVRC ad house to create HTML5 webmanners. NewsCorp Management supports many laps of specific race sessions with displays, over-the-page posters (OTP) and promotional programming. For Care Super, as a leading marketing agency's partner, we produced web-banner animations with Giaan Rooney as our marketing aide.

It gave us the chance to produce educational and useful web-banner animations that led to a winning campaign for the Super-Fonds. Studio Digitale, a partner to many Melbourne-based ad houses, was asked to help produce many high-quality web banner animation campaign for some of Australia's top brand names. Industry Super Funds was one of them, where we participated in many of our online campaign.

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