Web Banner ad Sizes

Banner Web Ad Sizes

Choose an ad size to view an example of the location and size of the ad. Below you will find the actual sizes of banner ads that are frequently used. For more information on SPH Online Banner advertising specifications, click here. Promote SPH and reach your right target group in Singapore. UNITY, WEB SIZE, MOBILE SIZE.

Advertising Specifications Google Remarketing Banner

Supports only HTML5 advertisements that have been generated with Google Web Designer. Items in the zipped files can be any combinations of different filesets. Any image used in HTML5 displays must be locale, not reference, and should be part of the asset (s) that make up the HTML5 archive. Supports only tapping parts.

Video and cards are not support. Google Web Font support only. No other web font is currently available. Timers and several outputs are not support for environmental destination action. Extensible displays are not support. You cannot use in HTML5 advertisements either one of the following options. Advertisement sizes are the same as for GIF.

Currently, AdWords only currently works with Adobe Flash Player 4 through 10.1. When uploading a flash image, you should see an optional way to view a pre-view of a non-flash image of your ad. Ensure that your SWF uses ActionScript 2.0 and try to prevent filtering or crossfading. Dashboards must include tag functionality for clickingTAG, and the only interaction that can be followed are clicking.


Customers who want to place their banner advertising on the Google Display Network often ask what banner sizes they should choose. Banner: Number 468 x 60; Ranking: Seven hundred and twenty-eight thousand units; Square: 250 x 250; Small square: 200 x 200; Large rectangle: 336 x 280; Rectangular inline: 300 x 250; Skyscrapers:

Although it is small, it is the 320 x 50 banner because it is only available in non-animated images. Well, the top three most efficient banner sizes seemed to be: Ranking: x 160 600; inline rectangle: 300 x 250. Hopefully these stats will help you select the best banner sizes in the Google Display Network.

Powerful Google Ads Display Banner Ad Sizes

When you only have the resource to create a small batch of posters, it is important that you use banner advertising sizes that have a demonstrated history of use. Here's my trusted listing, based on the most powerful ad sizes after Google, and my first clue when I deploy ads on Google's display network.

You will find that this is mostly wide-banner advertising, and if it is well placed, it can significantly boost your revenue. Or click here to go directly to the full listing of ad sizes. When your products or services are better promoted on a portable medium, such as downloading portable applications, these are the banner sizes that are demonstrably performing better (width times pixel height):

By paying for the Large Rectangle creative to be created for you, you can reduce it to the Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) without any difficulty and without bias as it has the same scaleable size. Now you know which sizes will give you the best ROI, you can use the following guidance to create your banner internally or with a full fledged graphics artist.

Please be aware that if your banner ad has a blank wallpaper, you will need to include a frame or frame to the ad. To test and quantify all display sizes to see which one is best for you, here is the summary. Squares and rectangles: Do you have any questions about Google ad sizes?

When you need help with your Google Display advertising campaigns, contact us! Being a Google partner, we are very familiar with the design, development and optimization of Google banner advertising.

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