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7 top trends in online advertising design

When you' re something like me, don't look so hard at on-line advertisements. For those of us who are spending a great deal of our precious little hours on the web, they become a whisper. In order to fight them, our on-line armouries are being expanded to encompass browser and symbol bars offering pop-up blocking and the like. No matter if you like them, dislike them or just simply disregard them, advertisements are still a great income stream in the on-line business.

Looking at them from a marketer's point of view (or at least as a websiteowner who wants to generate additional revenue), on-line advertisements are a potentially rewarding one. Increasingly, many businesses are making more and more profit from on-line advertisements. According to a survey by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, US ad revenues rose by $1.3 billion to an astonishing $7.3 billion in 2003.

As both large companies and mom-and-pop shops now use on-line advertisements, it is difficult to survive in competition. Here we take a look at the seven most common design trending in on-line marketing. As I wrote this paper, I reviewed, analysed and viewed several hundred advertisements on-line. Almost three fourths (and possibly more) of these displays showed bends or other organically shaped text.

Uses Trends #1: curved in its design, along with a mix of two ever more common colours (see Trends #2: Colours). In addition, an archive photograph is used that shows a "happy customer" (see Trends #3: Pictures). The OfficeMax mega-store for stationery uses trendy #1 in the curve of its advertising banners.

The use of fashionable colours is avoided in favour of using Group ID colours. In addition, OfficeMax is abandoning the current shift away from sleek type (Trend #7: Type faces and their Use) in favour of business type. The ReliaQuote - This on-line insurer, whose advertisements appear throughout the web, occupies two of the seven trending topics covered in this brief.

Successfully uses Trendy #1 by using waveforms to superimpose a still image (Trendy #3: Images) of a face. Also ReliaQuote uses a serifless typeface (Trend #7: Fonts & their use). Please note that this is not a general tendency that should be restricted to on-line advertising, as found in website layout and printed design.

I' ve designed a kit of four curved paintbrushes to help Adobe Photoshop enthusiasts in the masses develop advertising banners. In order to reinstall it in your Photoshop copy, make sure you have Photoshop locked and browse to your Adobe Photoshop installation directory (usually C:/Programs/Adobe/Photoshop x.x).

Simply copy the.abr from this. zip and the next you open Photoshop, the paintbrushes will load. Those who have been on-line in recent years will have seen the widespread use (and in some cases the success) of the colour combinations red, green and white.

Recently, these colours have been associated with technology and computer companies. These colours seem to be just as much at home in on-line advertisements as their layout-based equivalents. This sample picture shows some of the more famous colours I saw in my research for this item, along with their code hexes and RGBs.

These colours all work well with neutral colours (black, whites and greys). I' ve made an Adobe Photoshop colour scheme with these colours to speed up the design of banners. In order to deploy the Photoshop Pallet to your Photoshop copy, make sure you have Photoshop locked and browse to your Adobe Photoshop installation directory (usually C:/Applications Files/Adobe/Photoshop x. x.) Open the Presets directory and then the Color Patches directory.

Simply copy the . aco files from it. zip and the next you open Photoshop the colour pallet will be opened. This example shows T-Mobile's clients that instead of investing too much internal energy (in the hell of the company cabin), they should do things they really like.

When you have the spare moment, it's definitely rewarding to look through these listings; I've won many new ressources from there and other forums thread. Copying advertisements on-line is currently focusing on a long established marketing practice. Large computer businesses, such as Dell and its rivals, are offering traditionally seasonally priced products, back-to-back educational activities, and are advertising their significant cost reductions in advertising banners.

Others, such as many of the most widely read papers, are offering rebates to consumers switching from conventional paper-based format to their on-line equivalents. Several of the most efficient on-line advertisements use a single, straightforward copy to tempt traffic to the vendor's website (the challenge), and then meet the traffic viewer with the full selling proposition as it arrives.

From punch-the-monkey advertisements to more sophisticated forms with imitated forms boxes. That ad space has become so widespread that it's the default ad space in the latest Adobe Photoshop releases. Twothirds of the advertisement contains a photo and the most important advertisement points, the remainder third is intended for minimum texts and clicking pushbuttons.

The increasing change from serial to serial typefaces on the Internet now seems to be taking place in on-line advertisement. Almost all of the advertisements I investigated used serifless typefaces, often in conjunction with the company's "signature" typeface. 1001 Free Fonts provides a large variety of typefaces if you really want to search for a new one.

However, the only disadvantage of this site is that it categorizes typefaces by typeface rather than by typeface. Serial typefaces shown in the top half of the above example have "tails" which are used as ornamental accents for the type. The Times New Roman and Garamond are two popular types of series type.

Some of the sans-serif typefaces shown in the lower half of the example above are missing from the details and often have much cleaners. The Verdana and Arial are good samples of popular types without a stencil. When you are sick of having to read the same default promotional rate and read tech guides, and are looking for a fresh take on your business promotion on line, visit BrandSuicide.

Called "Ads that Suck," this blogs contains some of the most troublesome, bewildering, and poorly composed advertisements available today. Similar to Vincent Flanders' books websites that suck, this site is a great advisor for on-line advertisements. In order to examine the acceptability of different ad types among web surfers more closely, Dynamic Logic released a recent consumer perception survey (March 2004).

In summary, this survey shows that the most popular form of on-line advertising for most customers was advertising on banners; the least popular was pop-up advertising. a small design company in Maine.

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