Watch Advertisements and get Paid

View ads and get paid

Both physically and virtually, advertising is ubiquitous. Learn how YouTube advertising revenue works and how you can earn money with the platform. They can be paid daily to open sponsored emails sent from Inbox Dollars. You' re making money by seeing YouTube ads published on their website. But YouTube doesn't show you an ad every time you watch a video.

"¢ÜPay-ad: Look at ads and get paid".

Being paid to watch advertising may seem insane, but it's genuine! The merchants - Akash Desai, Pratik Thakkar and Chirag Mehta - teamed up to launch Pay-ad. Founded in May 2013, Pay-ad is an on-line videomarketing venture that empowers individuals to watch brief, fun videos. Akash was the one who developed the original concept of Pay-ad, and in order to implement this concept, he asked his friends Pratik and Chirag to found Pay-ad with him.

Pratik, who is waiting for his final theses, is in charge of the merchandising department at Pay-ad, while Chirag is in charge of the finances. "Spectators usually only like advertising when it is enchanting or comical. Thus we thought about promoting this development by making it possible to charge those with virtually real currencies for each watched film.

You can then cash in this PAC for rebates on your actual purchase," Akash states. Paid-ad has teamed up with more than 60 shops in and around Mumbai where spectators can cash in their vouchers. Affiliate businesses are classified in the following categories: foods & drinks, clothing and electronic goods. Advertising video is no longer than 2-3 min.

A short questionaire will appear after the display, allowing spectators to ask a question about the products in the ad. After filling in the form, the visitor is given the credit for the virtually denominated money. In this way it is ensured that the users have actually seen the advertising and understand the products. It also provides a great offer for the locals who work with Pay-ad and offer them an on-line site with Pay-ad at a low price.

Paid-ad has its own banner and sticker in all shops with which it has entered into a partnership. Buy-ad strives to earn income through charges on the basis of advertising impressions. Displays advertisements similar to those on YouTube. Whilst Pay-ad has not yet generated any income, there were more than 1300 hits of videos within two weeks of launching, and the number will rise in the next few weeks.

Buy-ad is planning to sell itself by publishing its own videos on common on-line advertising sites. Begun with a humble outlay of a few pounds of money, pay-ad is a boatstrapped adventure and the start-up is looking for fishing rod financing to fuel its expansion. Made up of eight members, the Pay-ad squad is located in Mumbai.

Imagine placing their videos on common on-line portals such as YouTube, Metacafe, etc. Do you want to see her advertisements?

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