Watch Ads and get Paid

View ads and get paid

Often, when watching a video, you have clicked directly past an ad. The Bitcoin offers a great way to earn money by doing fun and simple tasks. Just imagine that you are paid to look at advertisements. It's real and it works. They can also be paid with this app to answer surveys and much more.

The AdWallet will pay you to see ads on your mobile device.

If they are on the telephone, they often hang out in online communities or check their emails, but AdWallet wants everyone to earn a little while. The AdWallet is an application that allows the users to choose when they want to see an ad and is paid for it. Each thirtieth ad earns a single player $0.50 as long as they can respond to an ad related query.

Ad operators place their ads on AdWallet in a straightforward advertising generation proces. Viewers view the ad and are paid after they answer a query to demonstrate that they have seen it. In addition, the subscriber can receive an extra $0.25 for the release of the ad on free community feed. Marketers can easily log in using their own ad space on their ad board and start their ad by clicking a single icon.

Initially, the enterprise concentrates on advertising customers and then expands. Current on-board operators included Lovelace, MVD Express, Supercuts and Twilight Homes. CEO Adam Greenhood is the idea behind the application. He worked as a design director in an advertising firm for over eleven years and was disappointed when it was clear that no ads were seen.

During the Softlaunch on 27 July 2017, customers tried out the application and unchecked the first ad. In celebration of the start and to give something back to the communities, AdWallet announce that they will each donate $20,000 to three non-profit organizations: The Storehouse and Make a Wish Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters divisions.

When Greenhood turned to Real Time Solutions (RTS) to build the application, he wanted someone from Albuquerque. "Whilst the use and advertising experiences are set up to make them look easy to use, AdWallet's back-end is highly sophisticated and requires a store with extensive knowledge of data base designing and managing. RTS had three month from beginning to end to get the application up and run.

Starts with $750,000 in Seed financing, 95 per cent of which was collected in Albuquerque. It is available via the AdWallet site and is currently available for iPhone and Android.

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