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This is my weekly "Bits for ads" post (from my support ticket). Well, earning skips would be another thing. Find out about the latest promotions and offers in the city with our app! And you can also earn on referrals! They form teams and watch ads together to collect points, which are then used to win your entries for the awards.

Using Google Play's rewarded product formats, Android players can view ads to earn in-apps.

Today, cell phone gaming is mostly freely playable, with designers making a profit from advertising or in-apps. Today, Google Player launches new rewarded products that help creative people generate income when gamers view ads to get free in-apps. There is a tendency to award the user for a monetisable activity, such as viewing a movie, with a monetary value in the hand or other advantages.

The Play Console offers gamers in-app elements - either real goods or in-game currencies - when they are interacting with an ad. Today, the first kind of awarded products available is a small videoformat. Googles has launched the winning ad approach last March, but it is now in open betas for all developer.

Players can watch a live advertising clip and are awarded either virtually or in-game currencies upon completing the transaction. The following example shows the operator selecting "View ad", watching the movie and then receiving 100 coin. Googles concludes that developer will also generate advertising revenues with this size, which is targeted at players who don't normally make in-app deals.

View Blyzz ads - earn cash!

To put it briefly: the users receive contents on their mobile phone or tablet (personalised for them) which they rate, buy or even recommend to other persons. ln bref : l'utilisateur reçoit du contenu sur sa tablette ou son téléphone portable (qui est conçu pour lui) et il l'évalue, l'achète ou même le recommande.

But why should a users view contents? Immediately after the analysis he will receive a bonus to his own bank accounts. Specific promotions such as vouchers or other benefits are available for the users. They will receive extra referral (partner) awards up to the third level of your invited friends' download. And the more actively and honestly the users deal with contents (scoring), the higher their incomes will be.

Why would a user look at content ? Internal account credited. And for referral (affiliate) he receives additional compensation up to the third depth of his friends. The more active and honest a user is, the more content and money he will earn. It is a variable value that increases and decreases according to the USER's activities.

As the value of the site increases, it will become more valuable and more profitable. If the value is lower, it will get less contents. The better his value, the more content he will get and the more he will get for it.

The worse the value, the less content it will receive. Gender, ages, country, town, and thus also information about the visitor (which the visitor provides over time) such as hobby, preference, etc..... With our score, advertisers can also explain that they want to deliver contents to particularly proactive people.

Of course it is necessary to work out the scoring procedure, but also to provide good contents. There are also plans for the users to be able to convert parts of their premiums into vouchers for advertising companies. There should be an extra value for the current value. AdvertiserFor the WERBER il ya un but de publicité équitable (TARGET MARKET), similaire à Google.

Gender, age, country, cityAnd then further information about the user (which the user specifies over time) such as interests, preferences, etc.... And through our scoring, the advertiser can also say that he wants to send content to particularly active users. Here it is of course necessary to refine this scoring process but also to offer good content.

It is also planned that the user will exchange part of his remuneration for vouchers from the advertiser. Here, however, there should be a additional added value for the user. However, we would like to complete program the system in order to be able to be able to register the first users soon. No. 1. Extra funds from the promotion will be given to USEERS in the shape of ongoing contests (where the most energetic members will be awarded bonuses) and on-line advertising.

Or, you can get bonuses and reward when you sign up as a member. Users evaluate the observed contents. At the same time, we think of score for each individual use. The largest part is included for the software development of my two developers. Additional money from the campaign will be spent for the USER in the form of permanent contests and for online advertising (the most active affiliates will be rewarded with bonus here) and for online advertising.

Or if you register as a user, you will receive special bonus and rewards. And the user gives an evaluation of the seen content. Also a good indicator for the advertiser ! With us, the click will be significantly cheaper (up to 0.5 to 1.0?) and secondly much more effective, since the advertiser can define the target group.

We think there of a Scoring for each of our customers. Naturally dependent on your account number and contents! # dépend bien sûr du nombre d'utilisateurs et du contenu offert ! DEI pense que, grâce au marketing viral et au bénéfice le plus efficace pour l'annonceur, des ventes et des nombres d'utilisateurs beaucoup plus élevés sont possibles ici ! If you look at Google figures, our assumptions are not even in the per mille range: Goal: We want to establish a global communities with million of current members who are able to establish a solid foundation by rating and referring certain contents.

The goal is : We want to build a worldwide community with millions of active users who can build a financial base for evaluating and recommending content. For all investors and users : Notre site sera en ligne dans les prochaines semaines !

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