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Room wanted / for rent. Sacramento Bee Classifieds free and paid classified ads. Search for and view classifieds and free classifieds. Publish free classifieds you are looking for. Eye doctor wanted Wollongongongong Read more.

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Weeks of cash tablets, months of street and more! Full-time taxi driver wanted in Melbourne - immediate start! Favors: car & specially designed for a fundamental life style. I' m a casual laborer. I figured nothing in Sydney was valuable for rent. to minimize the cost and increase my saving.

There would also be my tickets to more flexible with opportunities and interests like job and life style. When someone is in despair of getting away from everything I can get away with and doesn't have to worry, I want to talk to Laura: Italy language instructor!

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Which are classifieds? Classified Ads is a place for members to buy, give away, exchange or show interest in receiving objects of a private nature. Users are solely responsible for their own use of the service between them and do so at their own peril. The OzBargain does not accept any liability for the status of goods, unsuccessful delivery or finance transaction and will not be held liable for any dispute arising.

If possible, we recommend that you inspect your property before completing a transaction and advise against transferring funds to someone whose story is not known. For more information, see Classified Posting Guidelines. To exchange your Voucher, please use the Voucher swap forums.

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First, please click on your chosen categorie below to see if your classification is in one of the paid classifications (the one with the ?). The fees in these classifications begin at a starting price of 20 (plus IVA/VAT) for 20 words, plus another 5 for each 20. Optionally, you can have your classification displayed only on the website or on the website and in the weekly newspaper at a premium.

Any category without ? is free. We can also post some of the free classifieds in the newspaper if available, but only if they include a phone number or e-mail in the text. Classifieds may not be discriminatory on the basis of sex, colour, sex, age, racial or religious origin.

If necessary, we retain the right to modify these notices. Specify the date you want your classification to appear on the site, then click on the date range to make the calender disappear (see calender in the "visible from" section below). If it is in the free category, it remains on-line for a two-week duration.

When you pay for your classification, you can specify a longer duration (maximum 12 weeks). Payment is handled via PayPal. And if you don't have a PayPalccount or don't want to open one, just click on the link "No PayPalaccount? Do not update your web browsers and do not hit the back-key.

Soon you will be directed to the PayPal website.

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