Vr Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program

VR is the next big thing. Virtual Reality Partner Program offers you the opportunity to sell Virtual Reality hardware, software and Virtual Reality headsets and solutions. I only wanted to know with VR recording whether someone had found good VR partners that would pay off? affiliate programs are spread throughout the Internet and offer website owners an additional way to spread the word through their websites. With our affiliate program you can generate additional income, but above all help your friends and family to save money.

Join us as a VR headquarters and VR headquarters salesperson.

Whether you are a large affiliate networking site, a web site publisher or a portable application, we have easy affiliate link building solutions that both fulfill your customers' needs and help you monetize your outreach. Details of the program1) The recommendation program: For every single order of more than 500 pieces, our partner receives a percentage of the turnover, which they send to us.

Our goal is to make this work for both sides for our customers as well, we don't always create our products in-house, so if a customer doesn't have a given supplier or needs a supplier (we don't create our products in-house), we suggest them to our proven partner. Submit us samples of your VR contents and designs, and we will approach your customers - depending on your site and skills, we don't anticipate anything in exchange.

3 ) The Buy Buttons Program: When your website/mobile application gets a bunch of matches and Traffic, and you think you can yourselves buy a bunch of VR Cardsboard. We' ll give you a VR buy link so you can buy directly from your website or application.

Affiliate program is quite simple:

Affiliate program is quite simple: Sign up below and get instant entry to the affiliate area where you can create your own link with your own tracker key, get your website banner and see how many visits you have sent us and how many items you have bought. A 10-15% fee will be paid for all visits made to our website by our customers.

For example, for a sales that took place on 15 October, you get a fee on 1 December. Our cookies, which are used for all traffic you transmit to us, remain valid for 30 consecutive business day. This means that if someone you have sent us chooses to buy our product within 30 workingdays you will get a payment.

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