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HostGator provides plans for VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated account hosting and uses Impact Radius to run its affiliate program. We have high conversion rate plans, making it one of the best hosting partner programs in the industry. We provide the necessary tools to convert your generated traffic into an effective sale of our Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting Services. Dedicated, Shared, VPS, VPS, ELIGIBLE SERVICES, Shared, VPS, VPS, Dedicated. Every affiliate receives a unique link and a selection of professionally designed banners.

Fee rate: 0/salesWho are you?

It'?s very straightforward! Generate $100 for each new client you refer through your affiliate links. Last year we spent over $100,000 on our top partner. Please get in touch with our Affiliate Manager and let us know why. The Partner Area has been designed with ease of use in mind, all the necessary navigational features and features you need to easily keep abreast of your performance:

We made your first affiliate move easy: just pick a flag from our great range and place it on your website. You can reach our staff via e-mail and get a quick answer to your questions. Once registered, you will receive an Affiliate Wizard associated with your affiliate profile that you can trust.

Make over 0 from a recommendation!

Every new client you acquire will be credited to your invoice once with 75% of the amount of the month's payments for the new one. Make over $450 from a recommendation! In this section you will find a user-defined recommendation hyperlink that you can share with your website's fans, relatives, and users.

If an individual follows this URL and then makes a buy, the deal will be added to your account and you will be paid out. Here's the best part - your affiliate links place a unique cookies on the user's computer that gives you a voucher for all purchases made up to 180 business days later.

Every sale made by this member in the next six monthly period will still bring you royalties! How much do I make? Every qualifying recommendation will give you 75% of the first monthly price. So, if your recommendation orders a $600 monthly paid web site, you make $450!

Just sign up for the affiliate programme to get going. Whether you want to include a flag or buttons on your site that will take your site traffic to your customized affiliate links, or share the links with your friend and relatives via e-mail, you can do it. One way or another, any sales validation from your links will lead to a payment directly to you.

No. The more referrals you make, the more you make - there is no limit and of course no limit to the number of referrals you can make. Fee payments are made after the new account has been activated for 90 working day to make sure the sales are made. You do not get sales revenue if the consumer departs before this number.

Note that the fee varies according to the recommended sales method. Every time you sell, you get a fee equal to the first monthly turnover with the new client, but of course most of our goods and service are valued differently. A large number of our partners' posters are available in most off-the-shelf formats.

If you have any question about our affiliate programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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